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ONEWE comeback: K-Pop boy group makes return with mini-album 3/4, title track song Q features Hwasa of MAMAMOO

ONEWE and Hwasa in comeback poster
Onewe makes their comeback with mini-album 3/4. The title track song Q features Hwasa of Mamamoo. Pic credit: RBW

When the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic hit the world, it affected a lot of activities and events that K-pop acts had planned.

The canceled or postponed activities and events range from world tours, such as the Map of Soul tour by BTS, to major comebacks, such as G(I)-dle.

Now into the second month of the pandemic, K-pop is slowly but surely adjusting to the “new reality” the world is now living in as certain acts make comebacks.

Just recently, Onewe (often stylized in all capital letters) made their comeback with their mini-album 3/4. They are getting plenty of chatter among K-pop communities for their comeback’s title track song, Q, which features Hwasa of Mamamoo.

3/4 featuring Q

News of Onewe’s upcoming comeback was first made known last month on March 22. At the time, RBW (Rainbow Bridge World) made it known the K-alternative rock band would be dropping their third single album, 3/4, on April 2. It was also revealed Onewe will drop their first studio album, ONE, sometime in May.

Leading up to 3/4 and Q dropping, Onewe and RBW released numerous pre-release promotions including promotional pictures, tracklist, music and M/V teasers.

Out of all the pre-release promotions, them announcing that their labelmate, Hwasa of Mamamoo, would be featured in their title track song Q was the biggest news. Of course, this helped build big hype for when the album and song dropped.

Fans of K-rock, especially alternative K-rock often linked with CNBlue, will truly enjoy Onewe’s music as they continue to deliver with their latest comeback. Q is a smooth rock song that highlights each members’ talent and skill on their instruments especially Kanghyun during his guitar solo.

As for Hwasa, she should not be considered a “feature” but more so as a co-artist as she had an equal amount of time in the song and music video as Onewe. Yet, she does not outshine Onewe and instead compliments them. In short, her inclusion in Q is more like the “fifth member on vocals” of Onewe more so than just a member of Mamamoo featured in the song.

Right now, the music video for Q is doing fairly well as it is over 320,000 views on YouTube. That is not bad for a “fairly new under new agency” K-pop/K-rock act that many may not know have changed their name for the third time.

Fans who are interested in owning a digital copy of the album 3/4 featuring the song Q can find it through most major music streaming services including Apple Store/iTunes and Spotify.

As for Onewe, they are now in the midst of post-release promotions for 3/4 with includes the pre-release promotions of ONE, their first full-length studio album.

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