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NU’EST and ‘Sajaegi’ scandal: SBS investigative show Unanswered Questions issues formal apology to K-pop boy group for causing misunderstanding

NU’EST was in the midst of a digital chart manipulation scandal because of a misunderstanding. Pic credit: Pledis Entertainment

Earlier this month, the K-pop community was heavily invested in “sajaegi” or digital chart sales manipulation. The situation came about thanks to an investigative show on the Seoul Broadcasting System, Unanswered Questions. On it, the individuals interviewed and researched how sajaegi is used among Korean musical acts to help bolster their popularity.

Though Unanswered Questions tried its best not to name names, the show, unfortunately, showed certain K-pop acts, which, in turn, may cause misunderstanding or confusion. One such act was NU’EST. Because their song Deja Vu was featured on a list of supposed sajaegi influenced songs, NU’EST has suffered.

Pledis Entertainment and NU’EST have made it clear that they do not commit sajaegi and have asked Unanswered Questions to retract their mistake and apologize for the misunderstanding. After some time, Unanswered Questions has finally come forward with a formal apology.

SBS and Unanswered Questions say sorry

On Thursday, representatives from Unanswered Questions released a formal apology to NU’EST. A written statement was made public to the K-pop community and recently released online. The third paragraph of the lengthy statement is where the apology is located.

“We express sincere apologies to NU’EST members and fans along with the agency Pledis for causing a major misunderstanding due to poor handling of the footage and showing NU’EST W’s name without confirming the facts when this is definitely a different matter than the so-called ‘digital sajaegi’ we intended to portray through the January 4 episode. Furthermore, we note that following the broadcast, there have been no accusations of NU’EST using chart manipulation.”

However, the more interesting detail that Unanswered Questions put in their statement is that they are willing to share the results of the investigation.

“The Unanswered Questions production team once again states that we will share the results of our investigation regarding digital chart manipulation suspicions with investigative agencies if requested.”

By releasing the official investigation to the public, SBS and Unanswered Questions authenticates themselves. It can also result in NU’EST (and other K-pop acts) getting in trouble if the investigation released to the public is valid and true.

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