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Nayeon of TWICE approached by stalker on plane who claims he was ‘attacked’ by K-Pop idol’s managers

Nayeon -- Feel Special
Nayeon was approached by a stalker while on a plane. The stalker, however, claims he was assaulted by her managers (Twice). Pic credit: JYP Entertainment

The most popular girl group in both Korea and Japan in K-pop today is Twice (often stylized in all capital letters, Hangul: 트와이스, Kanji: トゥワイス). It seems all the news that is making its rounds right now about the K-pop act concerns relationships.

For example, it was revealed that Jihyo was dating Daniel. And just recently, the rumored relationship between Momo and Heechul was finally confirmed true.

Unfortunately, one of the members of Twice, Nayeon, has a “relationship” she surely does not want to be a part of. An unknown stalker gave her quite a fright when he approached her on a plane. He was stopped when Nayeon’s managers allegedly “assaulted” him.

A stalker causes an issue with Nayeon

According to a statement released by JYP Entertainment, on January 1, during a return flight from Japan to Korea, a stalker of Nayeon was on board.

The stalker caused a major disturbance when he tried to approach her multiple times. JYP Entertainment staff responded to the situation quickly, and Nayeon did not suffer any harm. Unfortunately, she expressed significant feelings of discomfort and anxiety.

Right now, Nayeon is under police protection due to the incident. It appears that this stalker has caused issues for her numerous times, and JYP Entertainment tried to warn him to stop through the police. The stalker ignored each warning and proceeded to attempt to see Nayeon.

As a result, JYP Entertainment will be seeking out the highest level of punishment for the stalker in legal action.

The stalker tries to explain himself

Despite what JYP Entertainment is saying, the stalker — who goes by the name Josh — is trying to explain his actions. According to him, the situation is not what happened on the plane.

In his latest tweet, he tries to explain in a video what happened.

Josh also claims he was “assaulted” by the managers of Twice. Unfortunately for him, there is no video evidence from other passengers on the plane on what happened.

If he is “innocent,” other passengers, possibly even those who are Once (fan club of Twice), could step up and say something to provide proof on his behalf. Until then, we can only take his word against the word of JYP Entertainment.

Ultimately, this situation with Nayeon and her stalker will become a legal matter, or it will be resolved amicably or in the court of law.

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