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MYTEEN disbands: Leader Eunsu confirms K-Pop boy band under The Music Works to break up after two years

MyTeen, the K-pop boy band formed under The Music Works, will officially disband after only two years. Image Credit: The Music Works

In the K-pop industry, it is generally known that the lifetime of musical acts, primarily boy bands and girl groups, are usually short. On average, most of these acts last only seven years before they disband, a commonality that even the most popular K-pop act today, BTS, almost fell into if it weren’t for their fans supporting them to continue onward.

To be frank, it makes why K-pop acts don’t last long as the high-demand schedule of performing and promoting becomes too much as time goes by. For some, it is already too much especially if there is hardly any return on all the hard work.

This might be the case for MyTeen. Recently, it was made known the boy band formed under The Music Works will disband after only two years.

MyTeen moves on from the K-pop idol life

According to numerous Korean news outlets, the news of Make Your Teenager — better known as MyTeen (often stylized in all capital letters) — disbanding was made known by the boy band’s leader, Eunsu, on his official Instagram.

For those who don’t understand Hangul, a translation in English of Eunsu’s Instagram update is provided below.

For the past few nights, I lost sleep thinking of what to say. Every night, I wrote down everything that came to my head, worried that I would forget to say something important; and today, I am writing this letter. As of today, MyTeen will be disbanded and the members will walk their separate paths.

We were able to receive so much love and expectations from youths as well as so many people around us, but MyTeen, which I poured my heart and soul as its leader, has met its end. I don’t know what sort of expression to make while delivering such words, and I’m still awed and I’m not sure how to feel.”

Taevin hyung, Chunjin hyung, Guk Heon, Junseop, Yoo Bin, and Hanseul, the times I spent with you were such happy times. Let’s carry only the good memories that we have and encourage one another, where ever we are. I trust that we will succeed, always.

It is unknown exactly why MyTeen disbanded. What we do know is that none of their participation in music survival variety shows like MIXNINE and Produce X 101 benefitted them as all participating members were eliminated.

The total number of sales for both of their extended plays (EPs) rounded up are less than 11,000 copies sold. That is really low for a boy band. Finally, none of their featured songs, Amazing and She Bad, charted on any music chart.

Given that The Music Works seems to be a small business and MyTeen has only two comebacks in two years that didn’t bear much fruit, disbanding might be centered on finances.

A light out of darkness

Even though MyTeen didn’t get the chance to truly show off their potential, two members might get that chance as the former Produce X 101 contestants Song Yoo-Bin and Kim Guk-Heon will be pairing up to form a duo. We don’t know when exactly the duo will debut but reports claim it will be soon.

As for MyTeen and possibly The Music Works, fans can show their last bit of support by purchasing their official music and gear at YesAsia.

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