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MONSTA X interview with Access: Angry fans claim entertainment news disrespected members centering questions around BTS

Monsta X
Monsta X became the first K-pop act to perform at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in Madison Square Garden. Image Credit: Starship Entertainment

Earlier this week, Monsta X (often stylized in all capital letters) made K-pop history during their performance in New York City. Unfortunately, their history-making contribution was supposedly disrespected during an interview with Access.

According to K-pop fans, especially those who identify themselves as Mon Bebe (Monsta X’s fan club), the interviewer for Access, presumably Natalie Morales but that is still unconfirmed, centered the majority of her interview with Monsta X on BTS.

Even before BTS was brought up, the interviewer sounded snarky about Monsta X. For starters, she brought up that Monsta X has performed all around the world but how she mentioned Madison Square Garden made it sound as if the other venues were of less significance.

Next, when one of the members said, “We’re making history,” the reporter asked, “How are you making history?”

To be fair, the question did not sound loaded like her statement on Madison Square Garden, but that is up for debate. She did help progress the interview by stating Monsta X is the first K-pop group to perform at Madison Square Garden.

What was not necessary were all the questions about BTS. The Access interviewer seemed to find her stride in the interview when she started bringing up the popular Big Hit Entertainment boy band.

She first brought up how BTS received a Grammy nomination followed by asking Monsta X’s thoughts on it. Overall, about two-thirds of the entire interview was on Monsta X’s reactions and views on BTS.

Many K-pop fans took to social media to express their anger for Access’s interview with Monsta X. There are even those demanding that Access apologize to Monsta X. So far, Access has yet to respond to the situation.

Disrespect or lack of knowledge?

Though Access’s interview does come off as disrespectful, were they doing it on purpose or was there a clear lack of knowledge? It is possible that the interviewer had a clear lack of knowledge on Monsta X and simply defaulted on BTS.

Monsta X is surely making a name for themselves and are standing out on their own. Besides their recent accolade at Madison Square Garden, they recently collaborated with Gallant through Viki and Soompi.

However, the general international trend with K-pop or Korean entertainment at the moment is BTS. Ergo, when it comes to such, entertainment news sites that don’t generally follow K-pop will keep up with BTS because of their international fame.

On the other hand, interviewers can be lacking in knowledge but still come across as respectful. Maybe the Access interviewer could have been more accommodating by playing ignorant.

Access can’t take away Monsta X’s accomplishment!

Despite how disrespectful Access came off during their interview with Monsta X, it does not take away that Monsta X made history that night.

As mentioned earlier, they are the first solo K-pop act to perform at Madison Square Garden. The reason it has to be mentioned they are a solo act is that numerous K-pop acts have previously performed at Madison Square Garden, but not solo.

Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ, and numerous other SM Entertainment acts performed at the popular stadium, but as part of SM Town.

Many K-pop fans were proud of their performance. As for the lack of fan chants and cheers, it is somewhat expected as Monsta X was only announced a day before the actual iHeartRadio Jingle Ball.

In short, it was a last minute announcement. K-pop fans who tried to get tickets to support them could not as the event was sold out way before Monsta X was announced too. And for those thinking Monsta X is getting the dreaded “black ocean,” light sticks are not allowed in the venue.

Despite all going against them and the disrespectful interview they had with Access, Monsta X still brought their A-game to the show. They were extremely energetic and even won some fans at the end of their set.

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