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Mina of TWICE: Industy insiders report she was able to complete her portion of MV for K-Pop girl group’s comeback after news of mental health released

Mina of Twice
Mina of popular girl group Twice was reportedly able to complete her portion of an MV for Twice’s comeback after news of her mental health was released. Image Credit: JYP Entertainment

Earlier this year, K-pop fans were made known that Mina, one of the members of Twice (often stylized in all capital letters), would not be able to promote in the girl group’s activities or comeback. At the time, they cited health concerns as the reason why.

At the time, K-pop fans — especially those who identify themselves as Once (official fan club of Twice) — wondered what the health concerns might be as JYP Entertainment did not go into further detail on the matter. Eventually, it was made known Mina had mental health issues and that JYP Entertainment would take into account her condition moving forward. This initiative in caring for Mina’s mental health was shown during her portion of filming the music video for Twice’s upcoming comeback.

Mina is diagnosed with anxiety disorder

On August 27, 2019, JYP Entertainment detailed Mina’s condition as an anxiety disorder. They also provided details on the disorder, explaining that those diagnosed with it can experience bouts of anxiety that come on without warning, whether it be continuous or sporadic. Furthermore, the seriousness of each anxiety episode can also fluctuate.

Reportedly, JYP Entertainment is taking Mina’s health condition seriously. From what is known, this is a first for a K-pop entertainment agency to take into account mental health as an issue.

Nevertheless, JYP Entertainment will discuss the possibility of Mina’s participation in activities with Mina herself, other Twice members, in order to reach a decision. On top of that, participation in promotional schedules will now be based on how Mina feels pertaining to her health condition. As a result, it might be possible that Mina’s participation can be limited and selected.

Mina reportedly completed her portion of MV for Twice comeback

Despite her mental health issues, Mina seems to still be trying her best if industry insider reports are to believed. According to them, Mina decided to participate in the music video filming of Twice’s September comeback after discussions with JYP Entertainment. The sources also claimed that the other eight members of Twice took in careful consideration Mina’s condition and gave her strength and support in finishing the music video.

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