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LOOΠΔ makes K-Pop comeback with Butterfly, enters music charts for the first time while earning international attention

Loona in Butterfly
Butterfly is the title track off Loona’s reissue album [X X]. Image Credit: Blockberry Creative
Loona (often stylized as LOOΠΔ) made their highly-anticipated K-pop comeback for 2019 with their latest track Butterfly. The lead single off the reissue of their first extended play (EP) titled [X X] has an ambient sound that focuses on the diverse vocals of each member. It is a synth-melody with auto-tuned wailing, and a breakdown worth dancing to when the beat drops.

Overall, it is a great first comeback of 2019 for Loona. However, it is also a comeback that is getting plenty of attention. As a matter of fact, Butterfly is the first time Loona has charted. Not only that, the song is getting plenty of international attention too.

Loona express joy entering music charts for the first time

Butterfly is the first song to enter the music charts and Loona members are ecstatic. Some of the members, specifically Gowon, Heejin, and Haseul, provided insight on how they felt about this accomplishment in an interview with Star News.

Gowon: “I was so happy. We heard the news while we were communicating with our fans through the ‘V’ app on the 19th, the day of our album release. It was extra meaningful how we got to be with our fans at that moment. I was concerned because it had a completely different vibe to our debut but I’m glad it’s receiving good reactions.”

Heejin: “I was extra happy because we entered the charts for the first time. Now, we will show our performance on music shows. We will show more of our charms and I hope we can climb up higher on the charts.”

Haseul: “They say to dream big. Of course, it’ll be wonderful if we reach number one on the charts. During the last promotions, we made it to the 1st place nominees. We hope we can actually win 1st place this time.”

Making an impact with international fans

Along with making it on music charts, Butterfly has garnered international interest for Loona. Their song has been talked about all around the world and made “special appearances” per se. For example, Butterfly was played on Apple Music’s radio station BEATS1 when Charli XCX was a guest DJ.

Loona was also featured in Indonesia on CNN. They and their song were featured during a segment on viral internet trends.

Presently, Loona is in the midst of post-release promotions for Butterfly. This includes special appearances on radio and television shows as well as participation in music competitions. Maybe they’ll win their first 1st Place trophy too!

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