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Life after STELLAR: Minhee and Gayoung claim members made less than $10,000 over 7 years under The Entertainment Pascal

Minhee and Gayoung claim the primary members of Stellar, who were in the girl group over seven years, only made $10,000 USD each. Pic credit: ABOUT MINI어바웃미니/YouTube

It has been almost a year since Stellar (sometimes stylized in all capital letters) disbanded.

Within that time, several apparent horrors which the members reportedly had to face have been revealed. To top that off, it’s now been claimed that each member made less than $10,000 USD — over the course of seven years.

The claims about Stellar members’ pay was revealed in a recent upload on former member Minhee’s YouTube channel.

In it, Minhee and former fellow co-member Gayoung partake in a question and answer session with their fans.

One of the subscribers wanted to know how much Stellar made. Minhee said she “had to be honest” and revealed that Stellar members made money both through their work, but also through other ventures associated with work — including product CF contracts, modeling, and media appearances.

But despite seven years in the band, it was claimed Stellar members only earned less than $10,000 each. The figure is surprisingly low. For example, according to sales statistics, they sold over 150,000 digital downloads of their breakout song Marionette. Even if each download were to only cost a $1, that is $150,000 there. Stellar could have easily made more than $10,000.

More fuel to the fire burning The Entertainment Pascal

Minhee and Gayoung claiming that they, along with the other two primary members of Stellar, made only $10,000 USD over seven years is just more fuel to the fire burning The Entertainment Pascal.

As mentioned earlier in the article, Stellar has suffered many alleged horrors working under The Entertainment Pascal.

We reported earlier this month how Gayoung said the members were forced into the “sexy” concept. During the filming of Marionette, one of the members (believed to be Minhee) was said to have been told to “drip milk slowly from her mouth” while drinking it while they filmed her.

She was reportedly so shocked at how production cut the scene that she has not been able to drink milk ever since.

Stellar moves forward

As time goes by, more claims could well come out from the former members of Stellar about what they allegedly went through working under The Entertainment Pascal.

Either way, they are all now moving forward with their lives. Gayoung is working on being an actress and running her own cafe, while Minhee is making a name for herself on social media, especially YouTube.

There hasn’t been much real news about Jeonyul and Hyoeun since Stellar disbanded. However, they seem fine as they were seen with the other two during a “reunion party” shown on Minhee’s YouTube channel.

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