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Leeteuk, K-Pop idol of Super Junior, to publish cookbook targeting people who eat alone

Leeteuk of Super Junior
Leeteuk of Super Junior will be publishing a cookbook later on this year. Pic credit: SM Entertainment

Park Jeong-Su — known by his K-pop idol stage name, Leeteuk — is well-known as a member of the popular K-pop boy band Super Junior (SUJU). These days, Leeteuk has been making a name for himself with endeavors outside of Super Junior.

These endeavors include solo work, songwriting, presenting, and working as a radio personality.

However, there is one talent some people may not know Leeteuk has, and that is cooking. Now people will get to taste the food Leeteuk makes as he prepares to release a cookbook.

A cookbook for those who eat alone

Leeteuk is releasing a cookbook after taking part in a show on the Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) titled The Best Cooking Secrets. He’s been the master of ceremonies (MC) for the show for over three years. During that time, he’s learned a lot about different foods and how to cook them.

Utilizing his growing knowledge of food, food preparation, and cooking, Leeteuk will release his cookbook later this year. Here is what an insider said to expect from Leeteuk’s cookbook:

“Leeteuk is preparing a cookbook that targets people who eat alone, a cookbook for the single eater. I’ve heard he is using his own know-how and experiences to share how he cooks and eats as a single person.”

Before his cookbook, Leeteuk has shown off his cooking through a YouTube channel. A lot of the dishes he makes there are simple and aimed toward people who eat alone.

Not the first K-pop idol to publish a cookbook

It is great to see that Leeteuk is expanding his solo endeavors, but there is one detail reported that is incorrect about his cookbook. He is not the first K-pop idol to publish a cookbook.

Last year, Kim Jae-Joong — better known by his mononym Jaejoong of JYJ and formerly known as Hero Jaejoong of TVXQ — published a cookbook titled Romantic Recipes. The 120-page book with DVD featured French dishes, written in Japanese.

Earlier this month, Jaejoong released a new volume of Romantic Recipes. The second cookbook went on sale on August 7 in three different languages, Korean, Japanese, and English.

In the end, there shouldn’t be any argument on which K-pop idol is first to release a cookbook. Instead, fans should be happy their favorite K-pop idols are showing them a talent that people may not know they have.

As for Leeteuk’s cookbook, we will keep fans in the loop on when it releases. As for those interested in Jaejoong’s cookbooks, the second volume is available on the book’s official website.

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