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Krystal Jung: What will last K-Pop idol of f(x) do now that Amber, Luna, and Victoria have parted ways with SM Entertainment?

Krystal Jung
Krystal Jung is the only remaining member of f(x) to be still signed under SM Entertainment. Image Credit: SM Entertainment

Over the past week, each member of the K-pop girl group f(x) announced they have left or intend to leave SM Entertainment.

Amber Liu was the first member to make it known she has left the company. Liu revealed she plans to pursue a solo career in the United States.

Four days later, Victoria Song announced she was also leaving SM Entertainment. She plans to pursue her acting career on the Chinese silver and small screens.

Finally, Luna Park reportedly chose not to renew her contract with SM Entertainment. Unlike Amber and Victoria, she did not make a public announcement.

Instead, SM Entertainment provided a statement on her departure. This news was surprising as she was one of the more successful solo artists under SM Entertainment. She reportedly had hope that f(x) would make a comeback, but f(x) disbanding hasn’t been confirmed.

With Amber, Victoria, and Luna no longer with SM Entertainment, only Krystal Jung remains. She still has a bit of time on her contract before it expires.

Within that time, we wonder if she too will leave SM Entertainment. From the looks of things, the answer will most likely be “yes.”

Strained relationship with SM Entertainment after Jessica Jung’s departure

Though she has remained quiet on the matter, it is evident Krystal Jung has issues with how SM Entertainment treated her sister, Jessica Jung. We still do not know what happened between Jessica and SM Entertainment, but it seems the company punished her.

First, SM Entertainment “removed” Jessica from So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD), better known as Girls’ Generation, while on tour. This change happened right before Girls’ Generation performed at the Tokyo Dome.

That was a rough move by SM Entertainment given that Jessica’s dream was to perform at that venue.

SM Entertainment managed Jessica Jung’s solo endeavors for the remainder of her contract. However, there were almost no solo recordings, making SM Entertainment’s promotion minimal. This lack of promotion led to Jessica parting ways with SM Entertainment one year after leaving Girls’ Generation.

Jessica Jung’s history with SM Entertainment might have been a reason for “punishing” her sister, Krystal Jung. Unlike Amber, Victoria, and Luna, Krystal got the “double-edged sword” of no activities or promotions as a part of f(x) and a minimal solo career.

If it weren’t for television network statements, many wouldn’t know of Krystal’s involvement in many K-dramas, especially Bride of the Water God and Player. In short, one has to follow Krystal to see what’s going on career-wise in her life.

A new home in Coridel Entertainment?

When her contract with SM Entertainment expires, many believe Krystal Jung will sign Coridel Entertainment. Jessica’s boyfriend Tyler Kwon formed this agency.

Through Coridel Entertainment, Jessica Jung found a “new life” in her career outside of Girls’ Generation. That part of her career seems like ancient history as her solo career is doing very well under her current agency.

The same could be said for Krystal Jung if she eventually signs with Coridel Entertainment.

Even if Krystal Jung leaves SM Entertainment, it does not take away her collective contribution to K-pop alongside Amber, Luna, and Victoria. Though SM Entertainment supposedly does not support f(x), the fans fell in love with the girl group as they innovated a unique sound not heard in K-pop before.

Also, Krystal Jung is making a name for herself on Korean silver and small screens. She is best known for her roles in Bride of the Water God and Player. Only the latter is available to watch for free on Rakuten Viki.

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