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KARD reveals futures plans including J.Seph’s mandatory military service and new concepts during Red Moon comeback interview

KARD posing for second group picture for Red Moon
KARD recently made their K-pop comeback with their 4th mini-album red moon. This picture is their second promotional group picture prior to the album’s release. Pic credit: DSPMedia

Earlier this month, it was reported that KARD (sometimes stylized as K.A.R.D. or K♠RD) would be making their first comeback of the year with their fourth extended play (EP) or mini-album, Red Moon. The album was set to feature four new songs including the title track song of the same name and last year’s hit song Dumb Litty.

Eventually, Red Moon was released last Wednesday, February 12, 2020. Compared to Dumb Litty last year, this album is more successful simply because the co-ed group was able to partake in post-release promotions. With Dumb Litty, KARD went straight to an overseas tour once it was released.

In one of their post-release promotions, KARD partook in an interview about the release of Red Moon. It was nice to listen to their insight pertaining to the album, but the more interesting part of the interview had to do with their future plans. This includes what they’ll be doing while J.Seph is fulfilling his mandatory military service and any new concepts they have planned but not used yet.

Forming units out of KARD

In an interview taken right after Red Moon released, KARD revealed their future plans after talking about Red Moon, their insight over the past five years since they’ve debuted, and how much they’ve grown since.

KARD is planning on making songs that may not include all four members. In Red Moon, they tested this direction by separating the males and females for their own songs. Enemy was the female unit (Somin and Jiwoo) song. Inferno was the male unit (J.Seph and BM) song.

Apparently, the male and female units came about with the song Enemy. Jiwoo revealed it was originally a song with all four members but eventually evolved to the female unit song.

“The song Enemy that Somin and I sang originally came in as a title track. Even when we kept recording it, it seemed to be a better fit as a female song. The guys also only had a couple lines each. So we talked about doing it as a unit song and re-recorded it.”

It is safe to say that with units being formed out of KARD, we can also expect solo acts too. This will definitely play a bigger role when J.Seph departs for mandatory military service. Being born in 1992, J.Seph has only two years left to enlist for mandatory military service as all males naturally born in Korea, with certain exceptions, have to serve in the Korean military before the age of 30.

Growing popular in Korea

Probably the more personal goal KARD has for their future is to grow their fanbase in Korea. It is quite evident they are the most popular co-ed group in Korea, but when compared to the traditional boy and girl groups the domestic K-pop fans like, they do not compare.

Ergo, most of KARD’s popularity is among international fans. That is why most of their promotions seem to be outside of Korea and the members want to change that.

Jiwoo especially wants this goal to happen before J.Seph leaves for mandatory military service. J.Seph then followed up that comment saying their songs don’t have to win music trophies in competitions as long as more people hear and like what they perform.

Jiwoo: “Before he [J.Seph] goes, I want more people to know about our songs and I want us to appear in front of a lot of people.”

J.Seph: “It’s okay if it’s not first place, so I want us to enter charts in Korea too.”

This is definitely a big dream for KARD as the only song they have to chart in Korea is Hola Hola at number 76. They, however, do very well internationally especially in the United States in which all their songs (Red Moon pending) have charted in the top 20.

For K-pop fans who are interested, Red Moon is now available digitally for purchase or digital streaming services such as Spotify and the Apple Music. For fans who want a physical copy of the album, it is available for purchase on YesAsia.

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