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KARD comeback: K-Pop’s most successful co-ed group act to return with fourth mini-album, Red Moon

KARD's first group picture for Red Moon
KARD, the most successful co-ed group in K-pop, poses for a promotional picture for their fourth mini-album Red Moon. Pic credit: DSP Media

Since their pre-debut four years ago, KARD (sometimes stylized as K.A.R.D. or K♠RD) has stood out among other K-pop acts today as the first co-ed group to truly be successful.

To this day, there have not been any other co-ed groups (three or more members) who have even matched what KARD was able to accomplish.

However, there was a time when KARD’s music was starting to “sound like carbon copies” of each other. It seemed like their first four songs — Oh NaNa, Don’t Recall, and Rumor — were similar to each other. Despite Hola Hola being different, this might be the reason why KARD didn’t do as well with their next two singles afterward, You in Me and Ride On the Wind.

It was until they released the songs Bomb Bomb and Dumb Litty did fans take notice again simply because their song style has changed.

This time, it seems KARD is planning not to change up their sound but use them all in the upcoming mini-album, Red Moon, which is set to release within a sea of other K-pop comebacks in February.

KARD will rise with the Red Moon

The announcement for KARD’s K-pop comeback, which will be their first comeback for 2020, was made last month on Thursday, January 30, 2020. An update was uploaded on their social media handles, specifically their official Twitter account, which showcased a full moon turning blood red.

Two days later, KARD and their entertainment agency DSP Media would reveal the pre-release promotions schedule. It would consist of almost two weeks of promotions until the mini-album Red Moon, featuring a title track song of the same name, is available on February 12, 2020.

  • February 2: Concept Photo #1
  • February 3: Concept Photo #2
  • February 4: Concept Photo #3
  • February 5: Lyrics Spoiler
  • February 6: Highlight Medley
  • February 7: Concept Video
  • February 8: Keypoint Dance
  • February 9: Concept Video
  • February 10: M/V Teaser #1
  • February 11: M/V Tearers #2
  • February 12: Lookbook Video, Red Moon countdown on V Live, Red Moon album and music video releases

KARD brings a sample of all their past sounds in the highlight medley

Out of all the pre-release promotions out right now, KARD’s highlight medley reveals the most about what K-pop fans are to expect when Red Moon is available. In it, it showcases each song on the album.

Apparently, each new song seems to utilize a song style from KARD’s past. For example, Go Baby has the same vibe as their song Bomb Bomb. Red Moon has the same vibe as their songs Oh NaNa, Rumor, and Don’t Recall. Enemy has the same vibe as Ride on the Wind and Hola Hola. Finally, Inferno has the same vibe as Dumb Litty.

The fifth song on the Red Moon mini-album will be Dumb Litty. It should be noted this song was originally released last year.

At this moment, we are less than a week away until KARD’s comeback releases. As mentioned earlier, Red Moon, both the album and the title track song of the same name, will be available this coming Wednesday, February 12, 2020.

K-pop fans can currently pre-order Red Moon digital downloads from streaming music services like the Apple Store or Spotify. For a physical copy of the album, international fans can make pre-orders on YesAsia. Take note that pre-orders are either for just the album by itself or with a poster.

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