Kang Daniel: Former Wanna One idol to solo debut with Color On Me, first album under Konnect Entertainment

Kang Daniel -- Color on Me
Kang Daniel is counting down to his official solo debut with pre-release goodies. Pic credit: Konnect Entertainment/YouTube

Earlier this month, the Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of Kang Daniel in a case against LM Entertainment. As a result, Daniel is now free to pursue solo activities without his former agency stepping in.

Kang Daniel has been a busy bee when it comes to his solo career, as his upcoming album is just mere days away from releasing. It should be noted that Daniel was recently freed from his former agency through the courts. This means he was probably setting up his solo debut behind-the-scenes, even before a verdict was passed.

Many K-pop fans are excited, as Kang Daniel will be making his solo debut with Color On Me. This will also be his first album made under his own agency, Konnect Entertainment.

Color On Me introduces Kang Daniel as a soloist

During the week, Kang Daniel, through Konnect Entertainment, has released a lot of pre-release promotions to help build hype for his solo debut. Two days ago, on his official Instagram account, he posted previews for all the songs on his upcoming album.

From the previews shown, Color On Me will feature five songs that generate feelings of hope and new beginnings, a fitting theme in accordance to what Kang Daniel has been through. The songs are Through the Night, Color, What are You Up To?, Horizon, and I Hope.

As listeners can hear, Kang Daniel is showing off not just his ability to sing in Korean but also in English. Most of his songs also show a range of what music he is able to do, but he seems to center mostly on smooth R&B.

Kang Daniel continues to promote his upcoming release with teaser images. The first image was recently released in which he poses with his arms held high over his upper body and face, only showing his eyes. He is wearing a blue and red tie-dye sweater.

This will be the first album released through Konnect Entertainment, which is Kang Daniel’s one-man agency. It means Daniel has a hand in on everything about this album.

Kang Daniel’s solo debut, Color On Me. releases on Wednesday, July 24, 2019, in South Korea. For international fans who may want to own a physical copy of the album, it is available for pre-order on YesAsia.

Two versions of the album are available. One with just the album by itself and one with a bonus poster.

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