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K.A.R.D. lights it up with Dumb Litty — K-Pop co-ed group uses a sound ‘different’ from previous songs

KARD -- Dumb Litty
KARD made their second comeback for 2019 with Dumb Litty. The sound for this song is “different” from their other songs, making it unique. Pic credit: DSP Media

Ever since they made their debut back in 2016, KARD (often stylized as K.A.R.D. or K♠RD) enjoyed success as one of the few K-pop co-ed groups to be popular and survive. This year, outside of promotions, they’ve made one comeback with Bomb Bomb, and it was very successful.

Now KARD is making their second K-pop comeback for this year with a new song titled Dumb Litty. Not only is it a jam that people will bob their head to, but it is also a “different” sound from their previous songs. This trait makes Dumb Litty unique.

We go dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb!

Dumb Litty was released by KARD and DSP Media last Saturday. Produced by KARD member B.M., the song is an EDM track accented by aggressive beats and dynamic synths. The song’s lyrics are similar to that of Jessi’s in Who’s Dat B.

They sing about keeping it real, not worrying about others, and not stopping what they do despite critics. They just don’t drop any F-bombs in the process.

The music video for Dumb Litty is pretty cool too, in which they utilize character representation or cosplay to an extent. B.M., Jiwoo, J.Seph, and Somin are reimagined as charismatic versions of classical Roman, Greek, and Norse gods. Gods used in the music video are Thor, Athena, Aphrodite, Area, and Hera.

Ultimately, Dumb Litty has been successful since its debut. It too early to see where the song places internationally, but the music video uploaded on KARD’s official YouTube almost has four million views.

A different sound from the past

Probably the one detail about Dumb Litty that stands out is the fact the song sounds uniquely different from KARD’s past releases. Back in 2016, many people were awestruck by their debut song Oh NaNa.

Later, they released two more songs that were also good. However, the sound, style, and feel of the new songs were similar to Oh NaNa.

Since then, all of KARD’s songs had multiple attributes similar to their past songs. Dumb Litty sounds wholly new and different. That is a welcome change to hear, especially for fans who’ve supported them since the beginning.

Right now, KARD is in post-release promotions which include music competition variety show appearances. For fans who want to own the digital copy of Dumb Litty, it is available at most major music streaming sites including iTunes and Spotify.

Dumb Litty is only a digital single, so there aren’t any physical copies available to purchase. However, for fans who want to own official albums from KARD, they are available for purchase at YesAsia.

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