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Jeongyeon of TWICE breaks down during Bangkok concert, mourns the death of her dog

Jeongyeon was unable to perform during a Bangkok concert after her dog passed away. Image Credit: JYP Entertainment

Jeongyeon, one of the members of popular girl group Twice (often stylized in all capital letters) could not hold back her emotions during a concert in Bangkok. According to witness reports, she broke down during her performance, as she currently mourns the passing of her pet dog.

Jeongyeon arrives one day late to Bangkok for a sad reason

K-pop fans in Bangkok were looking forward to Twice performing in their city as the popular girl group continues their second leg of their World Tour. Fans noticed that Jeongyeon was not present with the rest of Twice. Instead, she booked a flight for the next day.

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– 사랑하는 뽀송이가 6월 13일 하늘나라로 떠났습니다. – 그동안 뽀송이를 위해 응원하고 기도해주신 분들 너무나 감사합니다. – 아픈지 꼬박 1년이 되었는데.. 그동안 잘 버텨줘서 너무 고맙고 미안해 이제 그 곳에선 아프지않길.. – 우리 가족에게 와줘서 너무 고맙고 덕분에 행복했어 평생 우리 뽀송이 잊지않을게~ 사랑해💕또 만나~

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Eventually, fans learned that Jeongyeon was absent for her 8-year old Pomeranian Bbosong, who passed away recently. Her sister, actress Gong Seungyeon, shared on her Instagram the sad news. Fans suddenly understood why Jeongyeon was late and empathized with her loss.

Hard to perform, hard to stay professional

Bbosong’s health problems started last year and Jeongyeon showed how emotional she was during that time. There are numerous times she is seen crying during her official schedule in which members try their best to comfort her.

During Twice’s concert on Saturday, June 15, 2019, in Bangkok, Jeongyeon broke down during the performance of Twice’s ballad After Moon. She could not hold back tears as she struggled to sing her parts as credited in the video clips provided by users tontarn, EXOPCYchanbaek, and comomo227.

Both fellow Twice members and fans were able to cheer up Jeongyeon. Ergo, she was able to finish her performance somewhat on a high note.

Fans can reach out and show their support for Jeongyeon during this trying time in her life on their official social media platforms. They have an official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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