Jeon Somi finally makes her solo debut in Birthday under The Black Label [Music Video]

Jeon Somi in Birthday
Jeon Somi made her solo debut with the song Birthday. Image Credit: The Black Label

It took four years but fans are finally getting to see Jeon Somi make her official debut. The popular Korean musician known for her participation in numerous music competition shows and variety programs made her debut with a song titled Birthday.

Part JYP Entertainment, part The Black Label

Jeon Somi’s new song is called Birthday, a title quite fitting for her debut especially for fans who followed her career since she first appeared on Sixteen, the music competition show that would determine the members of Twice before their debut.

The song’s style seems to be a marriage of Jeon Somi’s two unique styles that she utilized, one formerly under JYP Entertainment and her current style under The Black Label, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment.

The former is shown in cute and innocent song parts while the latter is fierce and aggressive. Fortunately, the two styles don’t clash and show equal representation throughout the song.

Jeon Somi’s primary talents in dancing and her vocal range in singing are minimally featured in this song too. The reason why it is minimal is such have been really shown off on variety shows more so than in Birthday.

For example, Somi has performed some great songs showcasing her range on numerous music competition shows. As for her dancing, her most recent showcase was on Knowing Brothers in which she freestyled to Cardi B.

Ultimately, fans are just happy that Jeon Somi finally made her debut. Her first four years of her career have been a roller-coaster ride. Some high points include being a part of I.O.I. and a cast member of Unnies. Some low points include being cut from Twice and leaving JYP Entertainment. And through it all, there hasn’t been any real progress towards debuting as a soloist or a member of a girl group (if we do not include the limited time group I.O.I.).

What’s next for Jeon Somi?

Jeon Somi is now in the post-release promotion phase of her digital single album debut, Birthday. She will be partaking in music competitions and making more variety show appearances too. As for the song Birthday, it is available to purchase on iTunes.

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