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ITZY: New JYP Entertainment K-pop girl group’s impactful debut sets numerous records with DALLA DALLA

ITZY made their debut with the song DALLA DALLA. Pic credit: JYP Entertainment

It has been a little over a week and K-pop fans are still talking about Itzy (often stylized in all capital letters). JYP Entertainment’s new girl group consisting of Chaeryeong, Lia, Ryujin, Yeji, and Yuna made their debut with their song Dalla Dalla (which is also often stylized in all capital letters).

Now that a decent amount of time has passed, the question that needs to be answered is how much of an impact did Itzy have with their debut? Reportedly, it was massive as they’ve broken numerous records. Right now, three records stand out: Dalla Dalla having the most views for a K-pop group debut in its first 24-hour period, reaching 20 million views the fastest among K-pop music videos, and almost earning a certified all-kill.

Earning the record for most views for a K-Pop act’s debut in 24 hours!

The first record Itzy earned was having the most views for any K-pop act’s debut. On midnight KST, February 12, 2019, Itzy earned the record with 13,933,725 views.

The previous record was held by Iz One with their song La Vie en Rose. Iz One was short by about nine million views at 4,559,202.

K-pop M/V reaches 20 million the fastest

The second record Itzy earned with Dalla Dalla was reaching multiple viewership records for K-pop music videos. The highest view count they reached the fastest is 20 million.

Prior to 20 million views, they reached five million the fastest within 12 hours. For some reason, they were unable to break the record for 10 million and 15 million.

Almost a Certified All-Kill with their debut!

The last accomplishment (or almost an accomplishment) worth noting is that Itzy almost earned a certified all-kill with Dalla Dalla. What that means is they were close to being number one on all regional charts in real time.

Korean Charts
Itzy almost earned a “Certified All-Kill” with their song Dalla Dalla on the Korean charts. Pic credit: Screen Capture of Korean Music Charts via iChart

The only regional chart Itzy was unable to hit number one in real time with was Melon. However, they still have time to earn number one to be certified. If all regional charts, both top 100 and real-time, as well as the national iChart are at number one, Itzy would have earned what is known as a Perfect All-Kill with their debut.

Presently, Itzy is busy with post-release promotions which includes music competition showcases. Eventually, they’ll have “juniors” to be a model to as JYP Entertainment plans on debuting a good number of K-pop acts this year.

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