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ITZY comeback: K-Pop girl group sing they don’t ‘Wannabe’ somebody but ‘Wannabe’ me in second mini-album, IT’z Me

Itzy's ending pose for their dance/music video for Wannabe
Itzy made their first comeback for 2020 with Wannabe. This is the final part of their choreography for their song which is also the ending shot of their music video. Pic credit: JYP Entertainment

Out of the “Big Three” Korean entertainment agencies and labels that influence the K-pop industry today, JYP Entertainment probably has the niche for girl groups down. Throughout Hallyu (Korean Wave), they formed and housed numerous successful girl groups including Wonder Girls, Miss A, and Twice.

Though Twice is still recognized as the most popular K-pop girl group in Asia, especially in Korea, JYP Entertainment is also “looking to the future” as they continue to shape and mold Itzy (often stylized in all capital letters).

Just recently, Itzy just made their comeback, the first for the year, with their second mini-album, IT’z Me. They continue their “self-love” concept in the song Wannabe in which they sing about being themselves instead of being what others want them to be.

Itzy “wannabe” themselves

Itzy made their first comeback in 2020 early last week with their second mini-album, IT’z Me. Wannabe is the featured title track on the album.

Produced by the same producer who took the helm in Itzy’s debut track Dalla Dalla, Galactika, Wannabe utilizes the “self-love” concept that was also strongly featured in Itzy’s past two hit songs. It is at the very core of why they are so relatable to people, especially their fans, as detailed by Itzy member Yuna.

“I think the message of loving yourself is really empowering and so many fans relate to that, and I think our performances are a key component to that.”

Unfortunately, some people will criticize that relatability can also mean repetitiveness. Though Itzy’s three songs are different, there are just enough familiarities between them for some fans to call them Dalla Dalla 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0.

The format, the pace, and the stylization are very similar. Even the choreography seems to be a base model used in all three with unique details exclusive to their respective music videos. The exaggerated hands-on-hips side-swaying is in every one of Itzy’s music videos.

Whether K-pop fans praise or criticize Itzy, in the end, they are doing just fine. The music video for Wannabe currently has over 50 million views. That is more than two-thirds the amount of views they have for their last comeback, Icy (1.34 million views). In retrospect, the numbers show Itzy is growing in popularity.

Right now, Itzy is amid post-release promotions. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), some of their promotions might either be canceled or postponed.

For K-pop fans who want to own a copy of Itzy’s new album and song, both IT’z Me and Wannabe are available digitally on MelOn, iTunes/Apple Store, and Spotify.

For international fans who want to own a physical copy of the album, it is available for purchase on YesAsia. Take note there are four versions of the physical copy of the album available.

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