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iKON tells the story of many K-pop fans who are ‘Not OK’ with their song I’m OK

iKon released a reissue of their New Kids Series titled The New Kids featuring a new song titled I’m OK. Pic credit: YG Entertainment

On Monday, January 7, 2019, KST, popular K-pop boy band iKon (often stylized as iKON) released the reissue of their New Kids Series titled The New Kids. It featured all their hit songs throughout the series such as Love Scenario and Killing Me.

Though the reissue is technically a collection of past songs, there is one new song they included on the album titled I’m OK. Because of its message, it is evoking a unique response among K-pop fans (and others who are not fans) who are “not okay” but tell the world that they are.

I’m OK is a mellow pop/rock song that expresses the mindset of someone who is in pain and trying to take on all that hurt on their own, yet they keep smiling for the rest of the world. B.I., one of iKon’s members and the writer of the song, provided a statement on what the song is meant to express.

“A person’s mindset of wanting to cry more when told, ‘Don’t cry’ and feeling more uneasy when asked, ‘Are you okay?'”

B.I. of iKon

Many of the lyrics of the song have resonated not only with iKonic (fan club of iKon), but all K-pop fans as well as those who heard the song but may not be fans of K-pop in general. The comments section of the music video uploaded on YouTube has people commenting on their worst moments, the darkest days of their lives.

Summarized, it is iKon speaking on behalf of the broken, of the lost, of the lonely. They are saying it is okay to not be okay because, at one time or another, we all go through tough times.

Achieving something more than chart numbers

The fact that I’m OK is reaching out to listeners in such a way is what iKon has been wanting more out of their music over topping chart numbers. For those who don’t know, iKon has made it known they turn their phones off after a song releases to avoid chart news. Instead, they want to make music that people can relate to.

“The passion… and the sincerity of fans are the only things that make the performance a great one.”

B.I. of iKon

With I’m OK, iKon truly created a song that touches people’s lives. It may not be happy, but it is genuine and real.

Now that the reissue album The New Kids is out, there has been no news as to whether iKon will partake in post-release promotions especially as related to I’m OK.

It is possible that iKon may have already moved on to working on their third studio album iKon: New Kids which is expected to release in Japan on February 27, 2019.

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