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HyunA and DAWN (formerly E’DAWN) hold a dual showcase featuring their debuts, Flower Shower and Money

Hyuna and Dawn -- Dazed
Hyuna and Dawn (formerly E’Dawn) will have a dual showcase featuring their debuts in P Nation. Pic credit: Dazed

Kim Hyun-Ah and Kim Hyo-Jong — better known by their stage names in the Korean music industry Hyuna and Dawn (formerly E’Dawn) — will make their debuts under P Nation by going head-to-head.

The two will have their debuts, Flower Shower and Money, featured in a dual showcase.

A special debut for a special couple

Hyuna and Dawn debuting together is unique but also fitting given their history. For those who don’t remember, both of the singers were initially with Cube Entertainment.

Supposedly after their relationship became public, Cube Entertainment “punished” the two, and eventually, they parted ways.

Under P Nation, Psy is giving Hyuna and Dawn the freedom to be the artists they want to be, along with having as much of a normal life as other people have.

Psy himself also said that Hyuna and Dawn’s relationship makes them “better” as people and as artists.

Along with providing insight on Hyuna and Dawn’s relationship and how it makes them better artists, Psy also made it known that the two would be debuting sometime in November.

Later on, Hyuna and Dawn’s dual showcase was made known. Hyuna’s (re)debut will be known as Flower Shower while Dawn’s is known as Money.

Since then, both artists have taken to their social media handles, primarily Instagram, for pre-release promotions.


Hyuna and Dawn’s debut will be the first time they release any content since leaving Cube Entertainment. For the former, Hyuna’s last song under Cube Entertainment was Lip & Hip. For the latter, Dawn’s previous song was Shine, in which he performed as part of Pentagon.

Hyuna’s Lip & Hip and Dawn’s Shine were released two years ago. They are both overdue for some new content.

Hyuna and Dawn are busy with pre-release promotions as we get closer to their dual showcase featuring their debuts. It is set to drop on Tuesday, November 5.

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