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Hong Jin-Young makes 2020 trot comeback showing her Love is Like a Petal in new single album, Birth Flower

Hong Jin-Young in Love is Like a Petal promotional poster
Hong Jin-Young, the current queen of trot, made her comeback with Love is Like a Petal. Pic credit: IMH Entertainment

Many fans of Korean music, especially K-pop, are looking forward to what April has in store for them as far as debuts and comebacks.

Unlike last month in which the Korean music was on a hiatus due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, this month is showing an activity increase.

It can be seen as proof that the Korean music industry is adjusting and moving forward in the light of the new world we are now living in, one with COVID-19. Ergo, fans are looking forward to comebacks, delayed or not, such as Onewe and Apink and debuts such as TOO.

With so much emphasis on K-pop, many people may not realize that Korean music is quite broad in terms of its variety. One of the genres of Korean music that is suddenly getting attention, primarily through their use in K-dramas, is trot.

Known for its repetitive rhythm and vocal inflections, trot is played in the background of K-drama scenes featuring “older women living in the provinces.”

That is no longer the case as trot has become more popular among younger audiences over the years, thanks to Hong Jin-Young.

The former K-pop idol of SWAN turned trot singer is now known as the Queen of Trot, and she just made her comeback with the single album, Birth Flower, featuring the title track song, Love is Like a Petal.

The Queen of Trot returns in 2020

The news of Hong Jin-Young making her first comeback for 2020 was initially revealed early last month on March 10. Her label, IMH Entertainment, made an announcement to the public confirming Jin-Young’s return.

Hong Jin-Young will be releasing a new single album on April 1. The new track will be composed by producer Jo Young-Soo, whom Hong Jin-Young has worked with consistently since Love Battery. Listeners will be able to feel a new charm from Hong Jin-Young.”

This comeback marks Hong Jin-Young’s return over a year after she released her first full-length studio album, Lots of Love, back in January 2019.

Eventually, Hong Jin-Young released her newest single, Love is Like a Petal, which is the title track on her single album, Birth Flower, on April 1.

Love is Like a Petal utilizes the classic style of trot mixed in with Flamenco. It is catchy (just like almost all trot music is) and makes listeners want to dance (just like nearly all trot music does too), even though the lyrics are about a heartbreaking love that one needs to let go.

As for the music video, Hong Jin-Young visually utilizes flowers and the song’s Flamenco music influences by incorporating numerous flowers and having her and the dancers wear clothing and perform choreography that has a Flamenco influence. Even the setting utilizes the traditional dance as it is set in a ballroom.

Right now, the music video for Hong Jin-Young’s Love is Like a Petal has almost half a million views. Given that trot is not as popular internationally as K-pop, these numbers are considered a “good start” when compared to the numbers she used to get early in her career.

As a matter of fact, in four days, Hong Jin-Young has earned almost a tenth of the views that her last comeback song, Love Tonight, has right now. To put things in perspective, Love Tonight was released one year ago.

As time goes by, it is expected that Hong Jin-Young’s comeback will get more recognition. It is unknown if she is doing an equal number of live and variety show appearances she is known for due to the coronavirus pandemic. Still, she should be busy with post-release promotions.

Fans who want to own the digital single album, Birth Flower, featuring the title track song, Love is Like a Petal, can purchase the album/song at Apple Store/iTunes and Spotify.