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HINAPIA: K-pop girl group consisting of four former PRISTIN members debuts Drip on Show Champion before music video release

HINAPIA debut group photo
Hinapia recently performed their (re)debut song Drip on Show Champion. Pic credit: RSB Entertainment

Hinapia (히나피아, often stylized in all capital letters) — the new girl group formed under RSB Entertainment and consisting of former members of the disbanded girl group Pristin — is taking full advantage of their second chance. Much to the surprise of K-pop fans, Hinapia put on a fierce performance of Drip, their debut song, on Show Champion, even before the music video dropped.

Taking Drip to the stage

On the November 1  episode of Show Champion, Hinapia performed their debut title track, Drip. In some ways, it was a special treat given to K-pop fans, especially those who supported Hinapia when they were part of Pristin.

As shown in the performance above, Drip utilizes the “girl crush” concept — a concept that has seen a lot of popularity among K-pop girl groups lately. Hinapia takes on the concept with a lot of fierce aggression as if they are ready to prove to everyone they deserve this second chance and that they are seasoned from their time in Pristin, but ready to bring fans something new.

And if all that seems to go over the head of K-pop fans, the fact they performed their featured title track song on a music competition variety show before its official debut will surely turn heads.

From cute to fierce

If there is anything to be said about Hinapia, it is the fact, that, despite the girl group consisting of former Pristin members, they are nothing like Pristin. The members — Minkyeung, Gyeongwon, Yaebin, and Eunwoo — were previously known for cute, girly concepts. Not anymore. And to add a bit of spice to the mix, the fifth member, Bada, is brand new and exclusive to Hinapia.

At this moment, Hinapia is in the midst of pre-release promotions, which includes the aforementioned full performance of Drip before its actual release. Hinapia will officially debut with Drip, on Sunday, November 3.

K-pop fans who want to get to know more about Hinapia can follow them on their respective social media platforms on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Daum Cafe, YouTube, and V Live.

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