Henry serenades his love in Untitled Love Song, his first comeback after leaving Super Junior M and SM Entertainment [Music Video]

Henry  in the music video for Untitled Love Song
Henry made his return to Korean music with Untitled Love Song. This is his first since leaving both Super Junior M and SM Entertainment. Image Credit: Monster Entertainment

Henry Lau — commonly referred simply by his first name — made his comeback to Korean music recently with Untitled Love Song. It is his first since leaving SM Entertainment and Super Junior M.

A serenade to the girl Henry loves

Untitled Love Song is the first song Henry has performed in Korean music since leaving both SM Entertainment and Super Junior M — which is one of the Super Junior subgroups. It is also his first song performed under the new label he is signed to since November of 2018, Monster Entertainment Group.

In the music video, Henry showcases his musical talents on both piano and guitar while serenading a girl he loves. It is probably the first song that truly shows the girth of his abilities compared to anything else he has done especially under SM Entertainment.

As of this moment, we don’t know if Untitled Love Song is a stand-alone single or the featured single to an upcoming comeback with either an extended play or studio album. We also don’t know if Henry will be competing in show competitions with Untitled Love Song either. Nevertheless, this song is his way of saying he hasn’t left Korean music just yet.

What has Henry been doing since leaving SM Entertainment and Super Junior M?

For those who don’t know, Henry officially left Super Junior M and SM Entertainment more than one year ago on April 30, 2018. One must ask what he’s been doing since then? Apparently a lot.

For starters, Henry has been busy on Korean television. He was part of the fixed cast on the second season of Begin Again and Why Not The Dancer on JTBC. He was also one of the judges on the Chinese music competition show Super-Vocal.

Outside of entertainment, Henry opened up a Chinese restaurant in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam called Xiao Zhan. It was forced to temporarily close due to a fire in nearby units. Thankfully no casualties were reported.

K-pop fans, especially those who identify as E.L.F. (official fandom of Super Junior) look forward to what Henry does next in his career. For those interested in his past work under SM Entertainment as a soloist or part of Super Junior M, they are available at YesAsia.

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