Girl’s Day disbanding: Members reportedly going separate ways after Dream T Entertainment contracts expire

Girl’s Day is reportedly going their separate ways after their contracts expire. Pic credit: Dream T Entertainment

This year may be the last we see of Girl’s Day. A report claims that all four members of the K-pop girl group will go their separate ways after their contracts with Dream T Entertainment expire.

Initial news of Girl’s Day disbanding came about when it was confirmed that Sojin would leave Dream T Entertainment when her contract expires this coming February. Dream T Entertainment released a statement to the press in which they have no intention of disbanding Girl’s Day despite Sojin leaving.

“Hello, this is Dream T Entertainment. We are relaying our official statement regarding the reports related to Girl’s Day today.

Sojin’s exclusive contract with Dream T Entertainment is expiring in February 2019 and the decision to not renew was made.

The remaining members also have contracts expiring this year, so they are in discussion with the company in many ways.

There is no intention to disband Girl’s Day’s group activities. We are seeking ways for the group to do activities together in the future.

We ask for a lot of support so that all of the members can be more active and branch out into diverse activities.

Dream T Entertainment

Eventually, AllKpop followed-up with a report claiming the other three members of Girl’s Day — Yura, Minah, and Hyeri — will also move on after their contracts with Dream T Entertainment expire. Just so it is known, Hyeri’s contract expires this coming early August. Yura and Minah’s contracts expire this coming September.

Right now, the report by AllKpop should be taken contingently. As of the publication of this article, they are the only ones reporting the other three members of Girl’s Day are reportedly not renewing their contracts. They have no sources cited and the report is not an “exclusive” to them either.

Girl’s Day leaves behind a legacy “Everyday”

If AllKpop’s report proves to be true, Girl’s Day’s disbandment will be a sad moment for many K-pop fans especially those who are DAI5Y (official fan club for Girl’s Day). For the past eight to nine years, they’ve released many hits. Many of them were sexy, yet they did not overdo the concept.

Something is probably their most popular song to date. It topped the Korean and Korean Hot charts at number two. It also charted the U.S. World chart at number nine. As for sales, it has sold almost 1.5 million copies in digital download format.

Sadly, Girl’s Day hasn’t released anything since 2017. If they do release anything this year, they are “cutting it too close” if they want Sojin to be on the comeback. They might have time to do a “farewell” album with Hyeri, Yura, and Minah if, as mentioned earlier, AllKpop’s report proves to be true.

If not, we can possibly look forward to Girl’s Day moving onward as a three-member girl group or possibly adding new members.

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