(G)I-DLE tops Billboard World Digital Sales chart with League of Legends collaboration project K/DA

K/DA - POP/STARS (ft Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns) | Official Music Video - League of Legends
Miyeon and Soyeon of (G)I-dle were part of the League of Legends collaboration girl group K/DA. Pic credit: Riot Games

(G)I-dle, the K-pop “rookie” girl group formed under Cube Entertainment, just hit number one on the Billboard World Digital Sales chart. The catch is only two members, Miyeon and Soyeon, can take credit and it was part of a collaboration with Riot Games, the game developer known for League of Legends.

The two (G)I-dle members, along with Madison Beer and Jaira Burns, came together to perform as the voices behind the members of K/D

A, a digital K-pop girl group consisting of four League of Legends champions: Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa. Riot Games put a lot of effort into this collaboration resulting in one of the most beautiful K-pop songs ever created, POP/STARS.

Reportedly, POP/STARS has proven to be very popular as it has topped at number one on the Billboard World Digital Sales chart. Only four other K-pop girl groups have ever made it at number one on such a chart and they are Black Pink, 2NE1, and Twice.

However, when comparing (G)I-dle to those other three K-pop girl groups, it is easy to point out they are not even on the same level of popularity at this moment. Ergo, it is a huge deal for them to accomplish.

What does this collaboration mean for (G)I-dle and Cube Entertainment?

Even though only Miyeon and Soyeon were a part of K/DA performing POP/STARS, the collaboration will only help further push (G)I-dle into the public eye. This is definitely good for their entertainment label, Cube Entertainment, as most of their musical acts are either gone, not doing well, or in the midst of controversy.

Beast left and rebranded themselves as Highlight under their own label. 4minute was forcibly disbanded. CLC and Pentagon are struggling in creating a solid base in their careers. Finally, Hyuna left after her relationship with E’Dawn was revealed. Cube Entertainment needs at least one good K-pop act that is “making it.”

As for Miyeon and Soyeon individually, it was an opportunity of a lifetime, one they believed they would never get another chance at. Both of them went to Riot Games in the United States to record their parts of the song. They also did motion capture to give their respective characters dance moves.

Miyeon and Soyeon’s experience came full circle when they performed alongside Madison Beer and Jaira Burns at the opening ceremony for the League of Legends finals 2018 World Championship.

Right now, there is nothing announced for (G)I-dle for the remainder of the year. It is possible they might make a comeback. As for K/DA, it is also more than likely (G)I-dle might return for any follow-up songs. Riot Games probably did not expect K/DA and POP/STAR to be as good as it is now. With its sudden popularity, it is understandable if they want to continue producing hits with the “virtual K-pop girl group.”

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