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G-Dragon and Taeyang: BIGBANG K-Pop idols will lose rights to their names if they don’t renew contracts with YG Entertainment

G-Dragon and Taeyang
G-Dragon and Taeyang will lose the right to use their names if they do not renew their contracts with YG Entertainment. Pic credit: YG Entertainment

This year continues to put YG Entertainment, one of the big three Korean entertainment companies responsible for Hallyu or the Korean Wave, in a bind.

Ever since being linked to numerous scandals including Burning Sun, many of their artists have decided to leave. Just recently, one of their actresses, Im Ye-Jin, has decided to leave after five years.

With the threat of more artists leaving YG Entertainment, the K-pop community is now looking at two of the agency’s most popular and prominent artists still under contract, G-Dragon and Taeyang.

As a means to keep the two K-pop idol members of Big Bang in the YG Family, the agency has made it known that G-Dragon and Taeyang will lose the rights to their names if they choose not to renew their contracts with them.

Strong-arming for the share price

Re-signing Big Bang to YG Entertainment is very important to the agency as it will help determine the share price and future of the company. Along with Black Pink, Big Bang is one of the top earners for the agency. YG Entertainment will do anything to make sure their homegrown acts stay within the company.

One way YG Entertainment makes sure their homegrown K-pop acts stay with them is through owning a wide range of trademarks on terms and names used by artists. For example, the names G-Dragon and Taeyang.

According to the patent office, YG Entertainment acquired the trademark early for “G-Dragon” back in 2003 which is three years before Big Bang even debuted.

In 2015, they also acquired the trademark for “Taeyang.” And just so it is known, YG Entertainment also acquired the trademark for the two’s subgroup name “G-Dragon X Taeyang.”

G-Dragon and Taeyang are the only two Big Bang members without serious scandal

If YG Entertainment is unable to renew the contracts of all the members of Big Bang, they will do all they can to at least keep G-Dragon and Taeyang.

Unlike T.O.P. with his drug scandal, Daesung with his numerous DUIs, and Seungri with Burning Sun (though he is now retired because of his scandal), G-Dragon and Taeyang do not have any real serious scandals attached to them. As a matter of fact, the only scandals most know about the two are dating scandals (who they are dating in secret).

Ultimately, it comes down to what one security firm has said about G-Dragon and Taeyang renewing their contracts with YG Entertainment which is the following:

“If there’s little chance that the entire Big Bang will move to another company, G-Dragon and Taeyang are sure to be powerful solo artists if they don’t re-sign. In this regard, it’s YG, which has a wide range of trademark rights who is likely to benefit from the renewal.”

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