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Fromis 9 joins Pledis Entertainment according report — Korean entertainment agency to NU’EST and Seventeen issues denial

Fromis 9
An exclusive report claims that Fromis 9 has joined with Pledis Entertainment but the agency is denying such claims. Pic credit: Off The Record/Stone Music

Back in 2018, a new music competition variety show determined the members for a new girl group. In the end, Roh Ji-Sun, Song Ha-Young, Lee Sae-Rom, Lee Chae-Young, Lee Na-Gyung, Park Ji-Won, Lee Seo-Yeon, Baek Ji-Heon, and Jang Gyu-Ri formed Fromis 9 (sometimes stylized as fromis_9).

Over the course of two years, Fromis 9 has seen relative success. Their latest comeback, a single album titled Fun Factory featuring the title track song FUN, was popular enough to reach number two on the Gaon Album Chart.

Now there is news that may be the biggest thing to happen to Fromis 9 as an exclusive report claims the girl group has joined Pledis Entertainment. Unfortunately for Fromis 9, the entertainment agency housing Nu’est and Seventeen has come forward denying the report.

From Off The Record to Pledis Entertainment?

The news of Fromis 9 supposedly signing on with Pledis Entertainment was made through an exclusive report by Newspim on Tuesday, December 31. Fromis 9 joining Pledis Entertainment was technically not a sign-on but an accusation.

According to the report, Fromis 9’s contract with Off The Record, a subsidiary of CJ ENM, had been transferred to Pledis Entertainment. The report also claims that Han Sung-Soo, the CEO of Pledis Entertainment, played a major role in the transfer.

Since the release of the report, Pledis Entertainment denied the transfer. A source from the agency came forward with the following announcement to the public on the matter:

“The report that we have signed an exclusive contract with fromis_9 is a false report. It is completely untrue.”

Pledis Entertainment has much to gain with Fromis 9

Even though Pledis Entertainment has officially stated they did not acquire Fromis 9, it is possible that could be said before-the-fact. What that means is the acquisition may not be official. There could still be negotiations happening.

Pledis Entertainment gaining Fromis 9 would be a good thing for them as they are lacking in girl groups. Technically, they still have After School, but with the departure of Raina, there are only two members left in the girl group. In short, Pledis Entertainment technically doesn’t have a girl group anymore.

Fromis 9 is still up-and-coming and can be molded, fashioned, and made to shine in a way that pushes the girl group to a new level as well as represents Pledis Entertainment in a way they want to be represented.

Ultimately, if the news is true or not, Pledis Entertainment will be just fine as they still have two boy bands that are doing well. As for Fromis 9, they will continue to grow no matter who they are signed to.

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