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FAVORITE comeback: Astory Entertainment K-Pop girl group sings about how their relationship is a ‘LIE’

Favorite comeback, LIE
K-pop girl group Favorite made their 2020 comeback with the title track song Lie. Pic credit: Astory Entertainment

Over the past two decades, K-pop has seen humongous strides in its popularity increasing.

From the acts pioneering K-pop internationally like Girls’ Generation and Big Bang to those innovating it like BTS and Black Pink, K-pop has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Despite its growing popularity, there will always be great K-pop acts that will get little attention because they aren’t signed to a big agency.

That is the case with the K-pop girl group Favorite (sometimes stylized in all capital letters).

Just recently, the six-member girl group — Gaeul, Saebom, Seoyeon, Sugyeong, Jeonghee, and Ahra — made their K-pop comeback for 2020 with the song Lie (sometimes stylized in all capital letters).

Favorite sings about how their relationship is a ‘Lie’

Favorite made their 2020 comeback, which is their first for the year and probably their only one too, on March 10, with the song Lie.

Even though their song has been out for more than a week, it is starting to get a bit more attention now that the K-pop community knows they’ve made a comeback.

The song Lie uses one of the topics many girl groups sing about: a bad relationship. In this case, Favorite sings about how a significant other promised a lot in their relationship, but it turned out to be lies.

As for the sound, it seems to find inspiration from Latin dance music.

In the music video, the background and props compliment both the lyrics and music with dark colors and intense shades of red in what looks to be a church altar.

The aftermath of no longer being with Kakao M

Sadly, Favorite’s K-pop comeback, Lie, will probably not get the same amount of love their last comeback, Loca, got.

This is because the song is not featured by Kakao M, the company behind the popular 1theK YouTube channel that highlights and promotes numerous K-pop acts.

Before Loca, Favorite’s last two songs, Party Time (debut) and Where Are You From? (first comeback after debut), were featured by Genie Music. Both music videos have less than 500,000 views combined.

When Loca was featured on 1theK, Favorite was exposed to more fans. After just one year, Loca has earned over four million views. Lie, however, is featured by Bugs Music, which has less of an impact in showcasing K-pop.

One of the high notes, however, is that Favorite’s popularity from Loca caused the K-pop community to find them when they made their latest comeback.

Though nowhere near the numbers Loca earned, Lie has more views in one week than what their debut, Party Time, had in three.

Having Favorite’s song Loca on 1theK may have been enough to give them their big break, so they may not need Kakao M anymore. Let’s just see how well Favorite does now.

To capitalize on their popularity, they’ve opened their own official YouTube channel filled with many BTS and slice-of-life videos.

Favorite’s new song, Lie, is available for purchase digitally on most digital streaming music services, but they specifically feature on Bugs.

Lie is a digital-only release, but international fans who want to purchase official gear and physical copies of their past albums can do so at YesAsia.

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