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EXO-SC debut: New EXO duo release special Just Us 2 music video before What A Life drops

EXO-SC is the newest sub-group formed from EXO. It consists of Chanyeol and Sehun. Image Credit: SM Entertainment

EXO-SC’s debut is scheduled to release in just two days. However, it seems EXO-SC wants to treat fans to their music before their official debut. Just recently, the duo released a special behind-the-scenes music video titled Just Us 2. It seems to be more of a “thank you” to fans over being a pre-release promo.

Earlier this month, we reported that EXO, the popular boy band known for hit songs like Ko Ko Bop and Power, would be forming their second sub-unit or sub-group known as EXO-SC – with Sehun and Chanyeol working together. Their debut album will feature triple title tracks, What a Life, Faintly, and You Can Call Me.

Just Us 2 featuring Gaeko drops on YouTube

The music video for Just Us 2 recently dropped on YouTube on SM Entertainment’s official YouTube channel, SMTOWN. In the music video, it shows behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage of Sehun and Chanyeol working on their upcoming debut album in the studio.

It also shows them along with staff members goofing off and having a good time, humanizing the experience of their debut, showing off equal parts work and play.

For a surprise upload to thank fans, it is doing very well statistically. As of now, it has been online less than a day and already has over 625,000 views. Out of those viewers, 188,000 of them liked the video.

Many K-pop fans, especially EXO-L (official fandom for EXO), are pushing hard to get the music video over one million views in the first 24 hours. To be fair, the fact that it has over half of those views now is amazing. Take note it is not a featuring music video and wasn’t promoted as one of EXO-SC’s songs in the triple title tracks they will release. Overall, it is doing quite well.

If Just Us 2 did anything for EXO-SC, it surely made many K-pop fans excited for their debut as the music video is really good. Once again, EXO-SC’s debut album What A Life will release on July 22, 2019.

For K-pop fans who want to own a copy of the album especially EXO-L, it is available for pre-order at YesAsiaAmazon, and SM Entertainment’s official online store.

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