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E’Dawn of PENTAGON reaches an agreement with Cube Entertainment to terminate his contract

E’Dawn was formerly a member of Pentagon and Triple H. Image Credit: Cube Entertainment

E’Dawn, one of the members of K-pop boy group Pentagon (often stylized in all capital letters or shortened to PTG) and K-pop co-ed group Triple H, is no longer with Cube Entertainment. The latter was first to reveal the news via a statement to the public, as reported by Korean news outlet Naver.

“Cube Entertainment and E’Dawn agreed to the termination of the exclusive contract on [November] 14. We once again sincerely thank the artist and fans who have been with us until now.”

Cube Entertainment’s statement on E’Dawn’s departure from them is similar to that of Hyuna who also departed from them last month. That is because their terminations may be directly related to their relationship.

Back in August, Hyuna and E’Dawn made their relationship public confirming they’ve been dating for about two years all the way back to May of 2016. They reportedly wanted to acknowledge their relationship so they can confidently stand in front of their fans.

Unfortunately for the two K-pop idols, Cube Entertainment received the news negatively. The entertainment label quickly removed Hyuna and E’Dawn from partaking in future activities. Ultimately, it would lead to both of them terminating their contracts with Cube Entertainment.

Will E’Dawn still be with Pentagon despite not being with Cube Entertainment?

Some K-pop fans wondered if E’Dawn would remain with Pentagon even though he is no longer with Cube Entertainment. Such an arrangement can be made similar to Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun still being a part of Girls’ Generation even after leaving SM Entertainment. For this instance, that may not be the case.

Just like Hyuna, E’Dawn is leaving Cube Entertainment on negative terms. Despite how amicable they sound to the public, how the former K-pop idols present themselves on social media accounts and how Cube Entertainment’s statements sound straight-to-the-point indicate some animosity.

Nevertheless, E’Dawn will no longer be a part of Pentagon or Triple H. This also means Pentagon’s 10th extended play (EP) titled Thumbs Up! featuring title track song Naughty Boy was the last time E’Dawn will perform or be a part of Pentagon.

Ultimately, both E’Dawn and Hyuna are most likely leaving with more to gain. Both have a respective following who are supporting their endeavors and hope to see them return to music when they are ready.

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