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DKB: Brave Entertainment’s new K-Pop boy group debuts with hard-hitting hip hop MV Sorry Mama

DKB promotional group picture.
DKB, the new K-pop boy group formed under Brave Entertainment, poses in a promotional group picture for the debut mini-album Youth. Pic credit: Brave Entertainment

February is proving to be a rush for K-pop. This month alone has a high number of comebacks, which includes popular acts like BTS and GFriend to up-and-coming acts like EverGlow and Loona.

However, this month has also seen a nice number of K-pop acts making their official debut. Cignature, the new girl group formerly known as C9 Girlz, just made their debut with Nun Nu Nan Na.

Recently, another K-pop act just made their debut, DKB. The nine-member boy group consisting of E-Chan, Teo, D1, GK, Heechan, Lune, Junseo, Yuku, and Harry June, officially made their debut with their extended play (EP) or mini-album, Youth, featuring the title track song Sorry Mama.

Brave Entertainment debuts a new boy group

News of Brave Entertainment forming a new boy group was made known back in October of 2019. At the time, said news probably went “under the radar” of most K-pop fans as Brave Entertainment hasn’t done so well as of late. To put things into perspective, their only artist that is still active is Brave Girls and they haven’t done anything since 2018.

Eventually, the news of the upcoming boy group did pick up steam especially when their official name, DBK, was announced.

Now four months later, DBK has made their official debut with their debut mini-album titled Youth. According to Brave Entertainment, this debut is technically part of a four-part series. The other three parts will be released in future comebacks.

As for Youth’s title track song, it is titled Sorry Mama. It is an EDM trap track that was co-produced in house by the Brave Brothers, RedCookie, and members of DKB themselves. The song’s vibe is hectic and aggressive which is a portrayal of the “rebellious look” DKB is aiming for.

As of now, their debuting music video for Sorry Mama has been seen by more than 250,000 views with at least 43,000 of those viewers giving a positive approval. For Brave Entertainment, this is actually a very good debut.

Sadly, many K-pop fans (primarily the old school ones) think DKB will eventually fade in the ocean of other K-pop acts. There is a reason Brave Entertainment isn’t doing well and a lot of it has to do with their inability to promote their artists. If DKB is going to survive, they themselves will have to make it happen.

DKB’s debut mini-album Youth and the featured title track song Sorry Mama is available through digital music services such as the Apple Store and Spotify. For fans, especially international fans, who want to own a physical copy of the album, it is available for purchase at YesAsia.

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