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Did AOA not renew contracts with FNC Entertainment? Fans suspect K-Pop girl group is leaving entertainment agency after canceling Japanese fan meeting

AOA - Bingle Bangle
K-pop fans suspect AOA is leaving FNC Entertainment after the latter canceled their Japanese meeting. Image Credit: FNC Entertainment

K-pop fans, especially those who identify themselves as Elvis (fandom for AOA), are wondering if AOA has not renewed their contracts with FNC Entertainment. The reason why they are thinking such is that FNC Entertainment has canceled AOA’s first fan meeting in Japan.

Japan was hyped then disappointed

Earlier this year, FNC Entertainment announced that Ace of Angels — better known as AOA — would have their very first fan meeting in Japan. It was titled AOA 1st Fan Meeting in Japan – Angels Home Party. Japanese fans were ecstatic as they anticipated in meeting their favorite K-pop idols.

Unfortunately, Japanese fans would have their dreams of meeting AOA stripped from them as FNC Entertainment announced it was canceled. Last Tuesday, FNC Entertainment released a statement on the matter and it seems that AOA might be more “distant” than ever before.

“We planned to host the ‘AOA 1st Fan Meeting in Japan – Angels Home Party’ on May 2, 2019. However, due to the artists’ personal circumstances, the event has been cancelled.”

Fans speculate AOA is about to leave FNC Entertainment

No details were released on what exactly those “personal circumstances” would be. However, many fans speculate this as a sign that AOA did not renew their contracts with FNC Entertainment.

Generally, most casual fans would not understand why AOA would not renew with FNC Entertainment. Despite being signed to a “smaller” entertainment agency, AOA is quite popular. Their last comeback, Bingle Bangle, topped charts not only in Korea but the US World.

More devoted fans, however, were able to “read between the lines” and they knew that despite their popularity and memorable songs, they aren’t a strong unit. In fact, many think that the other members might be jealous of Seolhyun. Whatever the case, there seems to be a rationale behind AOA not renewing.

Only time will tell if AOA continues to work under FNC Entertainment. It might be possible only certain members will leave, which brings the possibility of new members coming in. They might even follow in the footsteps of B2ST and become something new after leaving.

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