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Dahyun of TWICE: K-pop idol’s personal information exposed to public, JYP Entertainment releases statement informing intent to take legal action

Dahyun -- Feel Special
Dahyun recently had her personal information exposed to the public. Pic credit: JYP Entertainment

One of the most popular K-pop girl groups in the industry today is Twice (often stylized in all capital letters). Though not as popular internationally as Black Pink, they are recognized as the most popular girl group today in South Korea.

Sometimes that popularity leads to fans trying to get to know their idols by any means necessary.

Unfortunately, that is the case for Kim Da-Hyun, who is better known by her stage mononym, Dahyun. Reportedly, her personal information was leaked online. Her agency, JYP Entertainment, released a statement to the public stating the intent to take legal action if need be.

Dahyun’s passport information is leaked

According to numerous reports, Dahyun’s information was leaked on Sunday, December 29 at Seoul’s Gimpo Airport. Twice was on their way to Japan to film a special on the Japanese network NHK. At the time of the leak, Dahyun was presenting her passport to an airport employee for verification during a security check.

In the video, the airport employee is flipping through the passport in plain view of others. Dahyun tried to prevent her information from being leaked by blocking her passport with her hand. Unfortunately, it was too late, as at least one fan has recorded her passport. Besides that particular video that leaked her information, other videos from other fans show Dahyun visibly upset over the incident.

After the incident, K-pop fans, especially those who are members of Once (Twice’s official fan club), expressed their opinions on the matter. Some have demanded the airport employee be terminated. The more rational and understanding fans realize that the airport employee was just doing their job and shouldn’t have to worry about crazy fans with their cameras. Ultimately, the blame should be put on the fans who leaked Dahyun’s information online.

JYP Entertainment responds

JYP Entertainment eventually responded to the incident involving Dahyun’s personal information being leaked. They released the following statement on Twice’s official fan community.

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

Today in the morning at the airport, member Dahyun’s personal information including her unique identification number such as her resident registration number was filmed, leaked, and spread online.

Leaking and spreading personal information is against the Personal Information Protection Act and other laws, and we ask you to immediately stop spreading such information.

We also inform you that we will take legal measures based on the appropriate laws regarding the current situation of the dissemination and any continuous circulation [of the information].

Thank you.”

It is a shame that Dahyun has to suffer through such an incident. Let’s hope that JYP Entertainment can contain the situation, as Dahyun, along with the rest of Twice, have a lot to do.

Right now, Dahyun and Twice are promoting their third studio album, &Twice, featuring the song “Fake & True.” They will be doing much of their promotions in Japan, as it is also their second Japanese album as well.

&Twice and the song “Fake & True” is available on all major music streaming providers, such as the Apple Music Store and Spotify. For international fans who are interested in a physical copy of the album, it is available for purchase on YesAsia. Take note that there are three versions of the physical album available for purchase.