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CLC earn their first music competition 1st Place trophy on The Show with No

CLC -- No 1
CLC pose for pre-release promotions for No. 1. Image Credit: CUBE Entertainment

For four years, Crystal Clear — better known as CLC — struggled to find their own footing among other K-pop girl groups.

They were overshadowed by their former seniors 4minute and suddenly surpassed by their juniors (G)I-dle. And if that weren’t sad enough, it seemed as if their agency, Cube Entertainment, lost hope in CLC when they gave their song La Vie En Rose to Iz One.

With that in mind, many K-pop fans believed that if CLC did not do well with their latest comeback No. 1, they would disband.

Thankfully, it seems CLC has found new life with their latest comeback and its title track song No. To further prove this, they won their very first 1st place trophy on a music competition — specifically The Show.

Earning their first 1st Place Trophy after four years

CLC grabbed their first 1st place trophy on The Show, a music competition program airing on the Seoul Broadcasting System Music Television (SBS MTV) on Tuesday, February 12.

On this episode, CLC competed against Roh Tae-Hyun, who performed I Wanna Know, and Woody, who performed Fire Up.

After all the points were tallied, CLC earned 5,470 points while Roh Tae-Hyun earned a meager 1,916 points and Woody earned 4,834 points.

As shown in the video above, CLC was very emotional during their acceptance speech. For four years, they’ve never won any competition shows and now they have a trophy on their mantle.

Why is this win very important for CLC?

This win is very important for CLC as it might show Cube Entertainment they are worth investing more time and resources in. Many K-pop fans feel that CLC’s agency has mistreated them, which might be why they’ve fallen from the wayside.

The win also gives renewed hope among K-pop fans, especially those who love CLC, that they won’t be disbanding.

Cube Entertainment may not care and may force CLC to disband just like they did with 4minute, but to do so after CLC won their first 1st place trophy would be a peculiar move.

CLC is currently busy with post-release promotions for No. 1 and the single No. This could include more music competition show appearances where they could have the chance to win more 1st place trophies.

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