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CLC: CUBE Entertainment girl group fiercely say ‘NO’ to what K-Pop wants them to be in M/V, risking this might be their last comeback

CLC -- No 1
CLC pose for pre-release promotions for No. 1. Pic credit: CUBE Entertainment

Crystal Clear — better known as CLC — just made their first K-pop comeback for 2019.

Their newest album is titled No. 1, featuring the song No in which they sing about not being what K-pop wants them to be. Unfortunately, them going all out might mark the end as this could be their last K-pop comeback.

Becoming No. 1 and saying ‘No’ to get there!

On Wednesday, January 30, CLC released their latest K-pop comeback. It is their eighth extended play (EP) titled No. 1 and it features the single No.

CLC’s music video for title track No is a “bop” according to K-pop fans.

No is a very charismatic dance track with a bass line that influences the word “No.” To accompany the track, the music video shows Seungyeon rejecting fashion accessories such as lipstick, high heels, and handbags as means of her saying “no” to what society sees as a beautiful woman.

This is further enforced by Elkie declaring, “I love me, I like it.”

Later in the music video, the seven members of CLC hold a funeral for all their beauty accessories, locking them in a coffin. They also show the concept of rejecting worldly beauty by setting flowers on fire.

It should also be noted there is a moment of social justice when Sorn, the girl group’s Thai member, is next to CLC’s name written in Thai. For those who do not know, there has been heavy racism towards K-pop stars of Thai descent — especially towards Lisa of Black Pink.

Right now, the song has more than 1.174 million views on CLC’s official YouTube channel and over 2.162 million views on 1theK’s official channel. Altogether, the M/V has over 3.3 million views, which isn’t bad for CLC when compared to their previous comebacks.

Singing ‘No’ might be the last for CLC

Despite entertainment news sites bolstering up CLC for not sticking to one concept, the truth is they constantly switch up concepts because they haven’t “establishing a base” with any concept.

This means they aren’t doing so well sales-wise with any of their past concepts. At one time, people thought they would do well with Hobgoblin as the song filled the void left behind when 4minute disbanded, but it didn’t do as well either.

To be honest, CLC has been relatively low on sales throughout their career. Last year’s Black Dress was so far their most successful EP selling over 8,000 copies in Korea.

However, when compared to six years of selling less than 5,000 copies per comeback, fans fear that No. 1 might be CLC’s last comeback, after which they may be forced to disband.

It is evident that Cube Entertainment (often stylized with CUBE in all capitals), CLC’s entertainment agency, has “lost faith” in the girl group. A good example of this is when they gave the song La Vie En Rose to Iz One.

That song is so good and many people believe if CLC, the original girl group the song was written for, performed it, it would have “established them.” Instead, Cube Entertainment gave it away thinking the song would be “wasted” on CLC.

Right now, K-pop fans are uniting to #SaveCLC. They are doing their best to increase views on the girl group’s older songs as well as their recently-released No.

If they can show that CLC can be as successful and profitable as their juniors G(I)-dle, maybe Cube Entertainment will put more resources into making CLC the best they can be.

Presently, CLC is moving onward to post-release promotions of No. 1 and their title track song No. Sometime in the future, they will reveal their song for music competition shows.

This may also be accompanied with radio and television show appearances too. Let’s hope CLC does very well and we see them more in future comebacks.

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