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CL and P Nation: Should the former leader of 2NE1 sign with PSY’s label after leaving YG Entertainment?

CL -- Hello B***hes
CL has recently left YG Entertainment. Now that she’s a free agent pertaining to the Korean music industry, should she sign with P Nation? Pic credit: YG Entertainment

Back in early November, it was reported that Lee Chae-Rin, better known by her stage name CL, chose not to renew her contract with YG Entertainment.

For many in the K-pop community, this does not come as a surprise given what’s been going on, not only between CL and YG Entertainment but with the label itself.

For starters, CL felt that YG Entertainment wasn’t doing anything to help further her career, especially when it came to her foray into the American music industry.

YG Entertainment also was wrapped up in numerous scandals. That is reason enough to not be associated with them and is why many of their artists, including Im Ye-Jin, decided to depart.

Now that CL is a free agent, many are wondering which agency she should sign with. With that question in mind, should CL sign with Psy’s label P Nation?

P Nation gives artist freedom of expression along with support

From what we have seen so far, P Nation has been a “saving grace” and the “best thing to happen” to the artists signed to it.

Crush and Jessi are doing better than ever before. Hyuna is able to express herself the way she wants to express, not just as a sex symbol. Finally, Dawn (formerly E’Dawn) established himself as a soloist who’s been artistically compared to G-Dragon.

In short, P Nation artists have the freedom to express themselves in their music. They are not just selling a gimmick or concept. Their music is a true extension of themselves and fans are loving it because it is real and not the glossed-over facade that is often manufactured in K-pop.

Ultimately, P Nation artists are able to pull off what they do because of what seems to be unparalleled support from the agency and Psy himself. It is like he believes in his artists as he is coming from a place in which he knows how idols are treated in the industry today.

Right now, CL is releasing numerous songs and videos independently, showing the world what she can do on her own.

What would it be like if she had Psy and P Nation supporting her, funding her, and promoting her? It would definitely be a win-win for both artist and agency.

Freedom to have a life void of K-pop industry restraints

Another thing that makes P Nation stand out in favor of CL is that the restraints and rules often associated with slave contracts are non-existent. In short, P Nation artists are able to have a life outside of their careers.

The best example is Hyuna and Dawn. Most other companies would have issues with the two being in a relationship as their previous label, Cube Entertainment, had an issue with it. In P Nation, they can have their life together and do music. So far, they are proving that having both does not affect their careers.

We don’t know much about CL’s life these days, but given her persona and what we know from the past, she doesn’t fit the typical K-pop idol mold.

In P Nation, she can have the life she wants without having to be hindered by what K-pop wants. Let’s be clear that doesn’t mean CL should get plastered and hyped up on drugs or whatnot. It just means that she can be more “wild” and “free” compared to what Koreans want.

At this moment, we do not know if CL even wants to sign with a Korean label. She is still signed on with School Boy for her foray into the American music industry. However, her relationship with Psy gives more reason for her to be with P Nation.

Just like CL, Psy is also signed to School Boy for American music industry promotions. Let’s not forget that CL was featured alongside Psy in his title track song off his sixth album, Daddy.

Only time will tell if we will see CL rocking the P Nation logo. And if she does, many can’t wait to see how she collaborates with Jessi and Hyuna.

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