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Cignature debut: Girl group formerly known as C9 GIRLZ hints at ‘girl power’ concept with promotional pictures

Cignature's first group concept picture
Cignature recently released numerous promotional pictures for their upcoming debut. Pic credit: J9 Entertainment

Earlier this month, it was reported that C9 Entertainment had turned their test girl group C9 Girlz (often stylized in all capital letters) into their newest girl group on their talent roster, Cignature (often stylized in all lowercase letters).

To help further promote their new girl group, C9 Entertainment revealed the new logos that Cignature would use as well as forming a new subsidiary entertainment agency, J9 Entertainment.

The new agency would be responsible for all of Cignature’s promotions and activities but will also be responsible for all the promotions and activities of all new girl groups formed under C9 Entertainment too.

In short, it looks like J9 Entertainment is doing all they can to make sure Cignature does well among a competitive sea of K-pop girl groups which includes the likes of Twice, Red Velvet, and Black Pink.

And now Cignature has released promotion pictures of their upcoming debut. From them, it is hinted they will pursue a “girl power” concept.

J9 Entertainment releases details about Cignature’s debut

On Thursday, January 23, 2020, J9 Entertainment released information about Cignature’s upcoming debut. Through Cignature’s social media handles, it was made known that the girl group’s debut will be a song titled Nun Nu Nan Na.

Leading up to the release of the song, Cignature will be releasing plenty of pre-release promos which includes concept pictures, a music video teaser, and a dance practice video.

Following the schedule Cignature and J9 Entertainment has provided, the first set of concept pictures were recently released. They consist of individual portrait pictures of each of the seven members and one group photo.

‘Girl Power’ concept hinted

From the promotional pictures J9 Entertainment provided for Cignature, the girl group may debut with a “girl power” concept. Though such is simply conjecture, it is a safe bet as many K-pop girl groups have found success with the concept such as CLC, Black Pink, 2NE1, and others.

The K-pop community might know more of what Cignature has in store for their debut as more pre-release promotions are revealed.

Cignature’s debut song, Nun Nu Nan Na, will debut on Tuesday, February 4. The song is expected to be available on digital streaming sites such as the Apple Store and Spotify.

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