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CHUNG HA comeback: Former I.O.I. K-Pop idol releases Everybody Has for ‘New.wav’ project

Chungha's promotional picture for Everybody Has
Chungha, the former K-pop idol of I.O.I., will be making her first comeback for 2020 with “New.wave” project song, Everybody Has. Pic credit: MNH Entertainment

2020 has so far been very busy for K-pop despite only being a little over two months into the year.

Though the majority of fans often concentrate on groups, it should be noted that many soloists have also made their mark within this short time.

This is especially true for Zico and IU, in which both artists are the only ones, so far this year, to earn a Perfect All-Kill for their respective songs.

Nevertheless, there are many other soloists scheduled to make their comeback this year too.

Just recently, Chungha (often stylized as CHUNG HA) made her first comeback for 2020 with the song, Everybody Has (literal translation being Honestly I’m Tired).

Everybody Has is part of a project by Chungha’s agency, MNH Entertainment, called “New.wav.” Also, the music video is special as it features actress Jo Bo-Ah, who is currently playing the female lead in Forest.

Chungha is melancholy in her comeback

Chungha’s latest song, Everybody Has, released a little under a week ago. It is a very melancholy, somewhat sad song in which its lyrics show a person who seems depressed, tired of life, so much that even the people closest to them, who care about them, can’t be heard.

As for the music video, it shows Jo Bo-Ah in numerous scenarios in which she seems to be contemplating life. This includes her sitting on the bus, out on a bridge, and in the countryside.

Despite Everybody Has being very melancholy and depressing, it is a beautiful song. Chungha’s vocal talents are once again showcased, as her voice can soothe anyone who listens to her.

However, the lyrics can be depressing, which might be a factor in why the music video has only a little over one million views when Chungha’s past work has earned much more in the same amount of time.

The second song in the ‘New.wav’ project

It was also made known by MNH Entertainment that Chungha’s comeback song, Everybody Has, is the second song to be featured in their “New.wav” project.

The agency describes the project as combining the meaning of new music giving rise to a “new wave” in the music industry and the music file format of the same name.

Through the project, MHN Entertainment aims for agency artists to interact more frequently with the public through diverse music that is unique and separate from their regular album releases.

BVNDIT was the first MNH Entertainment artist to be featured in the “New.wav” project when they released the song Cool early last February.

Ultimately, this is a beautiful and strong comeback for Chungha. K-pop fans who love the song and want to support Chungha can purchase a digital copy of the song at iTunes/Apple Store and Spotify.

As for Jo Bo-Ah, her K-drama, Forest, is currently airing on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 p.m. on the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS2).

For international viewers, especially those in the Americas, the K-drama is available to watch for free with ads on Rakuten Viki.

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