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Chen of EXO reportedly preparing for his solo debut

Chen of EXO
Chen of popular Korean/Chinese boy group EXO is preparing for his solo debut. Pic credit: SM Entertainment

Chen reportedly will be the next soloist to emerge from EXO. The popular K-pop idol is preparing for his debut real soon.

Exclusive reports claim Chen’s solo venture

An exclusive report out of South Korea claimed that Chen of EXO would be working on his solo debut, which will likely take place sometime in mid-April.

SM Entertainment — the Korean entertainment label that EXO (and Chen) is signed to — later released an official statement on the matter, confirming that the report was true.

Chen has solo experience in OSTs

It should be reported that despite the fact Chen is making his debut as a solo artist, he has plenty of solo work on original soundtracks for a Korean film. They include the following.

  • Dear My Family — I AM
  • The Best Luck — It’s Okay, That’s Love
  • Everytime (featuring Punch) — Descendants of the Sun
  • Beautiful Accident — Beautiful Accident
  • For You — Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
  • Can’t Say Goodbye (I’m Not Okay) –Missing 9
  • Cherry Blossom Love Song (100 Days My Prince)

And just recently, EXO performed another song for the OST of Touch Your Heart. The song is titled Make It Count. It features Chen’s soothing and sentimental voice accompanied by a playful melody.

The aforementioned solo songs for Korean film OSTs along with seven years experience as part of EXO (specifically EXO-M) should be more than enough preparation for Chen to make his solo debut.

Since Chen’s solo debut was only recently announced, there is little to no information on it at this moment. Updates, such as pre-release promotions, shall be reported as they become available.

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