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Burning Sun scandal: Sentences for Jung Joon-Young,Choi Jong-Hoon branded ‘too short’

Choi Jong-Hoon – FTIsland
Choi Jong-Hoon, known as Jonghoon in F.T. Island, was sentenced to five years in prison. However, many Koreans are upset saying his sentence is too “light.” Pic credit: FNC Entertainment

After almost a year of legal proceedings, sentences are starting to be handed down to the perpetrators of the Burning Sun scandal.

It was reported that the Seoul Central District Court sentenced singer-songwriter Jung Joon-Young to six years in prison, while former F.T. Island member Choi Jong-Hoon was sentenced to five years in prison. Though “justice was served,” many Koreans are expressing their disdain, as they feel the sentences received were too light.

Koreans, especially netizens, angry at the sentencing

A South Korean court found Jung Joon-Young and Choi Jong-Hoon guilty of illicit sexual relations. That is the formal verdict, but many news sources and the K-pop community have called it sexual assault.

There are other conditions that the aforementioned two K-pop stars have to deal with too, but many Koreans, especially its netizens, are not happy with the sentencing. They generally believe the punishments are not enough. Many have taken to online message boards, forums, and news sites reporting on the situation to express their anger and disappointment.

Comments from K-pop fans on social media are shared below. This is what people have been saying on Twitter following the revelation of the verdicts.

“Are you sad? Because I’m sad you’re going away for such a short time.”

“Only five to six years? Rot in Hell!”

“This system is ridiculous and the sentencing is short.”

“Those sentences are a joke. Not nearly long enough!!!”

“5 and 6 years is not nearly enough.”

“Unconscious Females Were V–I–C–T–I–M–S of a VIOLENT CRIME 6 years is not enough punishment.”

There are even those who are upset that Seungri, the former K-pop idol of Big Bang (often stylized in all capitals and as one word) seems to not have been given a punishment. Given the fact that Burning Sun is his nightclub and he is supposedly the ringleader of the crimes, many believe he was supposed to receive the harshest sentence out of all of them.

The court proceedings of the individuals in the Burning Sun scandal are an on-going process in the Korean courts. We will keep readers updated with the latest news on the matter once it becomes available.

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