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BLACKPINK trying too hard to take over North America like BTS did?

Black Pink
Both K-pop fans and media are arguing that Black Pink is “trying too hard” to break into the US market. Pic credit: YG Entertainment

Last year, it was reported that Black Pink (sometimes stylized in all capital letters or as BLΛƆKPIИK) would be going global by signing with Interscope Records and UMG via partnership through their label, YG Entertainment. Now it seems that partnership is bearing fruit as Black Pink is in the midst of a US takeover.

On paper, Black Pink taking over the US market sounds great but a deeper analysis of what is going on shows that the “takeover” might not exactly be what it seems. With that in mind, is Black Pink trying too hard to take over North America just like BTS did?

Black Pink sold out shows?

Numerous media reports claim that Black Pink has sold out their shows for the North America leg of their Black Pink World Tour (In Your Area). These include stops in Inglewood, Rosemont, Newark, Duluth, and Fort Worth in the United States and Hamilton in Canada.

However, that does not seem the case as numerous venue websites show that tickets are still available for purchase in “sold out arenas.” The image below shows seating where tickets are still being sold via Ticketmaster.

Black Pink Arena Sales with Ticketmaster
The floorplan of the arena above shows areas where tickets can be bought. Image Credit: Ticketmaster

There is another issue with the tickets too. They are listed as “verified resale tickets”. This means the tickets were bought and now they are being resold. If the resold tickets are from areas that are highlighted in, that is a lot of people who decided not to attend the concert.

Pertaining to the seats still being available, some K-pop fans and media believe YG Entertainment is buying all the tickets so the show becomes “sold out” and reselling them through scalpers at a higher price. Such a tactic would be sketchy but, by all accounts, Black Pink did “sell out” shows.

Billboard spamming Black Pink?

About two days ago, it was reported that Billboard was spamming Black Pink limited edition magazine covers on their official Twitter account. The magazine faced a backlash from fans complaining of incessant bombardment in their feeds by posts promoting the covers.

Coincidence or on purpose?

The aforementioned reports claiming that Black Pink is trying too hard to be as big as BTS in the US market should obviously be taken with a grain of salt.

A lot of what was reported was discerned by the K-pop community in general. However, there is very little showing any malice towards Black Pink. Either way, Black Pink continues to grow in popularity in the US market — so they are having the last laugh.

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