Big Hit Entertainment, the agency popular for BTS, to debut new K-Pop act in 2019

BTS is the most popular K-pop boy band, or Korean musical act, in today’s musical scene. Pic credit: Big Hit Entertainment

Big Hit Entertainment — the Korean entertainment label and agency known for their K-pop act BTS — just made a huge announcement that has K-pop fans buzzing. They will be debuting a new K-pop act in 2019.

News on the new K-pop act circulated Hallyu news sites, groups, and forums on Monday, November 27, 2018 KST. In response to what might have been a possible insider leak, Big Hit Entertainment confirmed the K-pop act in an official statement made to the public.

“We are currently preparing a boy group with the goal of them debuting at the beginning of next year.”

Big Hit Entertainment also clarified that the number of members, concept, and other details have yet to be finalized. However, many in the K-pop community believe it will be a five-member group.

A new K-pop act in six years

In all frankness, it is good that Big Hit Entertainment is debuting a new K-pop act. Despite the popularity of BTS, Big Hit Entertainment does not have much to go on historically. Since their founding back in 2005, they only had a handful of musical acts managed, with almost half of them being co-managed with another entertainment agency.

If we do not account the solo careers of BTS members, Big Hit Entertainment only has three artists on their current roster. They are BTS, Lee Hyun (formerly of musical duo Homme) and actor Kim Tae-hyung.

Needless to say but BTS is currently their most popular artist now. Also known as Bangtan Boys, Bulletproof Boy Scouts, and Beyond the Scene, the seven-member boy band has made a name for themselves through fan interaction and hard work. Since their debut back in 2013, they have paved a path that nobody thought they would be able to do, breaking Korean and international music records.

Probably the most important detail about BTS is they made it in the American music industry which is technically the biggest musical industry in the world. This was something many K-pop acts, especially under the “Big Three” of SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment, have attempted in the past yet generally failed.

With BTS, going “beyond the scene” in the American music industry shows in their current work. They’ve featured Nicki Minaj in Idol, Desiigner in the Steve Aoki remix of Mic Drop, and Chainsmokers in Best of Me. Not only that, they’ve been featured in Steve Aoki’s Waste It On Me.

BTS is at their prime right now, but they might as well be the only musical act that Big Hit Entertainment has right now. The entertainment label and agency definitely needs to diversify and add more artists to their roster especially as investment for the future.

In conclusion, Big Hit Entertainment’s new K-pop act provides longevity into the future. They can’t depend on BTS forever, as the group may not be around forever. Ergo, Big Hit Entertainment needs to make something new if they want to stay relevant.

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