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Big Hit Entertainment shares future plans: Agency housing BTS and TXT, Source Music, and BELIFT plan to debut new K-Pop act each

Big Hit Entertainment's family photo
BTS, TXT, and Lee Hyun (formerly of 8Eight) pose together in a “family photo” consisting of all the prominent artists currently signed on with Big Hit Entertainment. Pic credit: Big Hit Entertainment

Over the last decade, Big Hit Entertainment has possibly become the most influential and prominent Korean entertainment agency outside of the “Big Three.” Primarily known as the house that made Bangtan Sonyeondan or BTS, they’ve expanded which includes their newest boy group, Tomorrow X Together or TXT.

Big Hit Entertainment’s biggest move was acquiring Source Music. Through them, they now have one of the most popular K-pop girl groups under their umbrella, GFriend.

With the past decade now behind us, many are wondering what Big Hit Entertainment has in store for this new decade. Just recently, it was made known that the entertainment agency along with its subsidiaries will be debuting a new K-pop act each.

Three new K-pop groups to debut this decade

The news was made known on Tuesday, February 4, 2020. Big Hit Entertainment, Source Music, and BELIFT revealed their plans moving forward into the new decade.

Starting with Big Hit Entertainment themselves, vice president Shin Young-Jae made an announcement they were planning to debut a new boy group sometime in 2022. It should be known this is a much shorter turnaround in the agency forming a new boy group when comparing the time BTS and TXT debuted which is about six years.

Next with Source Music, CEO So Sung-Jin announced they will be debuting a new girl group from the Plus Global Audition, a joint collaboration with Big Hit Entertainment CBO, Min Hee-Jin. Apparently, a new girl group is in the “training phase” and will make their debut sometime in 2021.

It was also made known that Source Music will become Big Hit Entertainment’s label for girl groups. So Sung-Jin hopes the agency’s synergy with Big Hit Entertainment will help achieve that goal citing the positive reception of GFriend’s recent comeback as an example.

Finally, with BELIFT, vice president Choi Yoon-Hyuk revealed the company’s goal was to make K-pop internationally mainstream by implementing the K-pop training system to a global market. Through this, they plan on debut a multinational boy group within the decade as the company’s first project towards said goal.

If Big Hit Entertainment (and its affiliates and subsidiaries) recent accomplishments this year are an indicator of what is in store for the rest of the decade, K-pop fans have a lot to look forward to.

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