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Big Hit Entertainment prepares for first girl group by hiring former SM Entertainment creative director Min Hee-Jin as CBO

Min Hee-Jin
Min Hee-Jin, formerly a creative director for SM Entertainment, is the new CBO for Big Hit Entertainment. Image Credit: SM Entertainment

Out of all the entertainment agencies in Korea, Big Hit Entertainment is probably recognized as the one with the most success when compared to its size. Mostly known for creating and managing international K-pop act BTS, they are recently in the news this year for expanding primarily through a new boy band, Tomorrow X Together, better known as TXT.

Now Big Hit Entertainment’s expansion will include the creation of their first girl group. To help with this endeavor, they recently signed on a big behind-the-scenes player in K-pop, former SM Entertainment creative director Min Hee-Jin. She will become Big Hit Entertainment’s new chief business officer (CBO).

A big player in K-pop signed to the house that built BTS!

According to Big Hit Entertainment themselves, Min Hee-Jin will be overseeing the brand as Big Hit as its related businesses undergo structural reorganization and label expansion. The multi-label structure is a means to expand the company’s portfolio but to also solidify it.

She will also be the creative director of multiple labels other than Big Hit including her own label to bring in new talent to produce music. And as mentioned earlier, she will lead the debut of a new girl group, the first for Big Hit Entertainment.

Big Hit Entertainment is turning itself into a brand name that serves as an umbrella for a number of labels as a means not to stretch themselves thin under one label. The big three (SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment) are a prime example of this format.

SM Entertainment, for example, indirectly manages Brown Eyed Girls through their subsidiary Mystic Story (formerly Mystic Entertainment) and numerous fashion models and actors through their subsidiary ESteem.

Overall, this is a huge deal for Big Hit Entertainment. Min Hee-Jin was highly sought out after she left SM Entertainment late last year. Upon her final decision to join Big Hit, she provided the following statement to the fans and the media.

I am happy but feel a lot of pressure about starting the second chapter of my career as a creator at Big Hit. While talking with Big Hit, I was surprised to learn that we share similarities in our determination to change the entertainment industry, our vision to expand the industry, and the future we see for the industry.

I am excited about the future I will share with Big Hit and its related businesses as we reorganize into a multi label system specializing in each area of business.

Bang Shi-Hyuk, the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, provided a statement on hiring Min Hee-Jin and what she’s contributed to K-pop.

Min Hee-Jin is a leader of leaders who brought the concept of combining ‘Visual director’ and ‘planner’ to K-pop.

I am very happy to have an expert who leads the industry join us as we focus on contents and fans. We believe the knowledge Min Hee-Jin has about branding will help give wings to Big Hit and its related businesses as we undergo restructuring. I’m excited to see what kind of innovation this forward-thinking creator will bring to K-pop with her own label.

A girth of girl group knowledge

As mentioned earlier, Min Hee-Jin is recognized as the one person to change the K-pop industry by combining “visual director” and “planner” together as well as innovating the idea of “concepts.” She opened up a new chapter in girl groups, which have been ignored mostly for many years, through concepts for Girls’ Generation and Red Velvet.

Min Hee-Jin also has an establishment among boy groups. She worked on combining the symbols used by EXO such as their logo. She also helped in building the EXO universe. However, her most well-known visual concept was “Conceptive” through Shinee, first shown through Dream Girl-The Misconceptions of You.

For K-pop fans who’ve been following the genre since 2009, the year it really took off, Min Hee-Jin joining Big Hit Entertainment possibly means a new “wave” for K-pop internationally.

There are even some K-pop idols who are happy for Min Hee-Jin and can already see her involvement with Big Hit Entertainment will mean big things for K-pop in general. Krystal Jung of f(x) congratulated Hee-Jin by posting an image of her with Hee-Jin on her social media.

As Min Hee-Jin was just hired on, there will be more upcoming news on Big Hit and their restructuring centered around the new CBO. We will report on such when it becomes available in the future.

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