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Big Hit Entertainment, BTS and TXT’s agency, reportedly acquiring Pledis Entertainment, the home of SEVENTEEN and NU’EST

Pledis Entertainment
After School, Son Dam-Bi, and Pledis Boys are showcased in this promotion. Pic credit: Pledis Entertainment

Last year, Big Hit Entertainment made huge news in the K-pop community when it was reported that they acquired Source Music. At the time, the business move was very smart, as Big Hit Entertainment did not have a girl group on its roster.

By acquiring Source Music, they acquired GFriend, one of the most popular K-pop girl groups to come out in the last decade.

Now, it seems that Big Hit Entertainment is making another big business move. Reports are coming in that the entertainment agency that created and manages BTS and TXT has now acquired Pledis Entertainment, which houses Seventeen, NU’EST, and After School.

Pledis Entertainment joins the Big Hit Entertainment family?

According to an exclusive report by Sports DongA, Big Hit Entertainment has completed the procedures to acquire Pledis Entertainment. In doing so, they obtain Korean musical acts After School, NU’EST, and Seventeen, soloists Bumzu, Kyulkyung, Yehana, and Sungyeon, and the actress Nana. Just like with Source Music, Big Hit Entertainment may own Pledis Entertainment, but Pledis Entertainment could still work as its own independent company.

As a subsidiary of Big Hit Entertainment, it is believed that Pledis Entertainment could eventually move into the new building they recently built in Yongsan. Source Music will also be in the new building as well.

Employees from Big Hit Entertainment and Pledis Entertainment are expressing their excitement for the acquisition. Both will definitely learn a lot from each other.

K-pop fans believe Big Hit Entertainment will treat Pledis Entertainment artists better

Because of how well BTS and TXT have succeeded, as well as how they are treated, many K-pop fans believe that Big Hit Entertainment could give Pledis Entertainment artists the support and respect they need. This could be true for Seventeen and NU’EST, who may of their fans believe are being underutilized under Pledis Entertainment.

Pristin's promotions for Schxxl Out.
Pristin, the girl group, formed under Pledis Entertainment. Pic credit: Pledis Entertainment

The only thing that fans are sad about is that Big Hit Entertainment may not acquire Pledis Entertainment in time to save Pristin. Many fans on community boards believe that if Pristin knew Pledis Entertainment was going to be acquired by Big Hit Entertainment, they would have held out a bit longer instead of disbanding.

Big Hit Entertainment acquiring Pledis Entertainment is still considered to be an “on-going” discussion, as the company has stated that “Nothing has yet been decided.” Stay tuned.

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