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Big Hit Entertainment acquires Source Music: Agency responsible for BTS to make GFRIEND its first girl group in very smart move!

GFriend - Fever Season
GFriend made their second comeback for 2019 with their mini-album Fever Season. Pic credit: Source Entertainment

Late last month, the K-pop community was turned upside-down when it was revealed that Big Hit Entertainment, the home agency for BTS and TXT, had acquired Source Music, the home for GFriend (often stylized in all capital letters). The news was made official when a representative from Big Hit Entertainment made a statement to the public about the contract acquisition.

“A contract for the acquisition of Source Music’s shares has recently been finalized and the company will join Big Hit as a subsidiary.”

With the news of former SM Entertainment creative director, Min Hee-Jin, signing on as CBO (creative brand officer), Big Hit Entertainment’s acquisition makes sense. As a matter of fact, it is probably one of the smartest moves they made in making GFriend their first girl group before they actually form their first girl group under their agency name.

Familiar and similar

Before detailing how Source Music will benefit Big Hit Entertainment in forming their first girl group, it should be noted that both companies are familiar with each other and similar in how they operate.

Familiarity comes in as both companies have co-managed artists in the past. The first is a girl group known as Glam (often stylized in all capital letters). The girl group would have still been around if it weren’t for one of its members blackmailing an actor.

The second is a co-ed group known as 8Eight. Both groups have disbanded, with Big Hit Entertainment keeping Lee Hyun from 8Eight as a soloist.

Learning from Source Music

Familiarity and similarity may be two parts of why Big Hit Entertainment acquired Source Music, but probably the most important reason is learning how they formed and manage GFriend.

Let’s face it; Big Hit Entertainment isn’t exactly an international trending leader when it comes to girl groups. Yet they want to form their first girl group some time this year. Who better to show them the ropes than an agency similar to them in size, execution, and direction.

With that in mind, GFriend would most likely be the kind of girl group Big Hit Entertainment would create. Since Source Music is now part of their multi-level platform, Big Hit Entertainment can watch and learn from them on how they manage GFriend as there will be many differences between managing a girl group and a boy band. They can probably add in tidbits that helped BTS become so popular, such as teaching them how to produce their own music.

GFriend continues to be Korea’s ‘buddy’

After four years, GFriend continues to be one of the most popular K-pop girl groups in South Korea and K-pop today. As of right now, they have two full-length studio albums, one compilation album, one reissue, and eight extended plays (EPs) or mini-albums. Their latest comeback is their eighth EP or mini-album, titled Fever Season, featuring the song, Fever.

K-pop fans who want to experience more of what GFriend has to offer can check out their music videos on their official YouTube channel (여자친구 GFRIEND OFFICIAL). For their fans, especially those who are Buddies (GFriend’s official fan club), check out all their official merchandise available at YesAsia.

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