Bae Jin-Young of Wanna One to take break from K-Pop idol activities for well-being, C9 Entertainment to pursue legal action

Bae Jin-Young
The former member of Wanna One will take a break from K-pop idol activities for his well-being. Pic credit: Stone Music Entertainment

Bae Jin-Young of popular boy band Wanna One will be taking a break from his activities as a K-pop idol. Also, the entertainment agency he is signed to, C9 Entertainment, will pursue legal action on his behalf.

The news of Bae Jin-Young’s break was made known by C9 Entertainment in an official statement to the press. Reportedly, Jin-Young will be starting his own activities after Wanna One’s award ceremony appearances and concerts this month.

“We’ll be making sure our artist has enough rest and work balance first and foremost, and afterwards, we’ll establish his activities. We’ll do our best to support him, so he can meet fans with a more improved image. We’ll notify you of his schedule soon.”

To be frank, this is a very good thing C9 Entertainment is doing for Bae Jin-Young. Giving him responsibility for his schedule places the possibility of being a runaway star in his hands. On the other hand, it gives him the ability to rest avoiding any chance of burning out.

Also, C9 Entertainment joins numerous other Korean entertainment agencies in standing up for their talent and pursuing legal action for any harm done towards them. C9 Entertainment plans to take legal action on behalf of Bae Jin-Young for defamation of character, sexual harassment, and malicious comments. They even want the true fans to partake in this legal endeavor, accepting evidence from them up until Saturday, January 19, 2019.

Final moments with Wanna One

Prior to taking his break, Bae Jin-Young will finish up with Wanna One. It has been over a year since he became part of the K-pop boy band formed from the winners of the second season of Produce 101. Now Wanna One has officially disbanded but they will have one final concert titled Therefore on Sunday, January 27, 2019.

Just like I.O.I. before them and Iz One after them, Bae Jin-Young along with his fellow members leave behind a legacy as Wanna One. This includes their only studio album titled 1¹¹=1 (Power of Destiny) featuring title track song “Spring Breeze.”

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