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APRIL and K.♠.R.D.: Mysterious trailer hints either K-Pop comebacks or collaboration

April and KARD
DSP Media hinted at a possible comeback or collaboration for April and KARD. Image Credit: DSP Media, Edited by War Omega

DSP Media, the Korean entertainment label known for Sechs Kies and Kara, hinted something mysterious with two of their current K-pop acts. April (often stylized in all capitals) and KARD (often stylized as K.A.R.D. or K.♠.R.D.) might be having a comeback each or possibly a collaboration.

On Wednesday, January 23, 2019, KST, DSP Media uploaded a video on their official Twitter account. It shows logos for “On Air April” and “KARD Clip” being slashed followed by the word “Renewal” spelled backwards.

Nothing else can be discerned from the mysterious, short video. The only other clues we can get pertaining to it comes from the Twitter’s caption. We know whatever it is DSP Media is cooking up is “coming soon” and it involves April and KARD.

Comeback or Collaboration?

The video might possibly mean April and KARD are having a comeback, but why bunch both of them in one video? Wouldn’t one outweigh the other?

To put it bluntly, it is far more probable the mysterious video hints at a collaboration. The reasoning for this is that the last two comebacks for both April and KARD have shown diminishing numbers in both popularity and sales.

Starting with the former, April’s last Korean comeback was with The Ruby featuring the song Oh! My Mistake.

Despite the album showcasing a different direction for the girl group, The Ruby sold less than average from their previous comebacks. We still don’t even know how many digital downloads of Oh! My Mistake have been sold either.

The situation for KARD is a lot worse and that is saddening given the fact that mixed gender groups in K-pop are few and far in between. Not to mention, many of them rarely make it too.

When KARD came on the scene back in 2016 with their pre-debut songs Oh NaNa, Don’t Recall, and Rumor, they were the talk among K-pop fans. Their first extended play (EP) Hola Hola sold over 18,000 copies in South Korea.

Then, within the span of less than three years, they’re not as prominent anymore.

As a matter of fact, their last K-pop comeback, their third EP titled Ride on the Wind which featured a title track song of the same name, only sold over 7,000 copies. That is a huge drop from Hola Hola in which the time between both is about one year.

A collaboration for April and KARD might be the “new start” or “content” that is needed to push both K-pop acts. At this time however, we can only contemplate what DSP Media has in store for them as well as what they have in store for us.

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