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Apink was cut off during performance at 2019 KBS Song Festival, Fans trend #JusticeForAPink to criticize network for mistreating K-pop girl group

APink -- Fan Signing
APink’s performance at the 2019 KBS Song Festival was abruptly cut off. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/redpanda0419

It seems that the end-of-the-year specials airing on Korean television are having its fair share of problems when it comes to their treatment of K-pop acts.

Earlier this week, the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) was criticized for the unsafe conditions they gave K-pop acts on their stage during the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon. As a matter of fact, it was so unsafe that Wendy of Red Velvet suffered multiple injuries during rehearsal — causing the girl group to opt-out of performing.

Now, the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) has had issues during their end-of-the-year special — this time for Apink. During their performance, Apink was suddenly cut off. The girl group expressed their frustration on how they were treated and many K-pop fans, especially those who are Pandas (the official fan club for Apink), are calling for justice. This has led to the trending hashtag #JusticeForAPink.

Phenomenal performance with no ending

On Friday, Apink performed live at the 2019 KBS Song Festival, which took place at KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center) in Ilsan. For their performance, they would conclude with special choreography in which all six members would walk upstage and interact with the male backup dancer.

Suddenly, Apink’s music abruptly cut off before the girl group could execute their special choreography ending. For a few moments, Apink and the dancers on stage looked confused. Eventually, they walked offstage as they realized their performance was “technically over.”

Later that night, members of Apink as well as other Korean musicians expressed their thoughts on what happened during the performance. Naeun posted the dance practice of the performance showing how it was supposed to end on her official Instagram account.

She even wrote in the captions how she felt upset toward KBS and apologetic toward fans as she thinks the cut-off resulted in Apink not doing a satisfactory job.

Fellow Apink members Eunji and Bomi responded to Naeun’s post, providing comments of comfort not just for her, but for fans who may be reading the update.

Eventually, other Apink members and Korean singers would take to social media with their own thoughts. Eunji expressed how upset she was for being cut off, but thanked fans for their support, asking them to end the year on a warm end.

IU even took to her social media account, expressing how tough it must be to work hard just to have it taken away like that.

Justice for Apink

As the news spread of Apink being cut off during the 2019 KBS Song Festival, K-pop fans from all reaches of the community banded together to show respect for them. They made the hashtag #JusticeForAPink to further spread support.

Let’s hope this is the last time that Apink is mistreated. Maybe if enough people get mad, KBS and other networks will treat their K-pop acts with more respect.

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