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ALLS-GIRL debut: ALL-S Company reveals new K-pop girl group featuring two members of co-ed group Geupsik-Dan

ALLS-GIRL poses together in a pre-debut photo. Pic Credit: ALL-S Company

ALL-S Company is one of the newer Korean entertainment companies in the industry establishing itself just last year.

Despite how green they are, its CEO, Lee Jong-seok, was formerly the CEO of Dream Tea Entertainment, the label known for producing Girl’s Day and MAP6.

This week, ALL-S Company revealed their newest K-pop act, a girl group known as ALLS-GIRL. Not only that, it already consists of two members from one of their other groups, Geupsik-Dan.

News of ALLS-GIRL was first made known on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 when ALL-S Company announced the six-member girl group. They consist of Ria, Yeonchae, Seoyoung, Garam, Yoojin, and Yoocha.

Ria of ALLS-GIRL. Pic Credit: ALL-S Company
Yeonchae of ALLS-GIRL
Yeonchae of ALLS-GIRL. Pic Credit: ALL-S Company
Seoyoung of ALLS-GIRL
Seoyoung of ALLS-GIRL. Pic Credit: ALL-S Company
Garam of ALLS-GIRL
Garam of ALLS-GIRL. Pic Credit: ALL-S Company
Yoojin of ALLS-GIRL
Yoojin of ALLS-GIRL. Pic Credit: ALL-S Company
Yoocha of ALLS-GIRL
Yoocha of ALLS-GIRL. Pic Credit: ALL-S Company

Two of the members already have some experience outside of training as they are the two female members of Geupsik-Dan. Along with Chan Young, O.V., Jeongseung, and Dylan of ALL-S Company’s boy group Diamond Crunch (sometimes stylized as D-CRUNCH), they form the label’s mixed gender group.

Geupsik-Dan made their debut with a digital single titled Geupsik (translates to “Meal” or “Lunch”). The music video was released on July 6, 2018, and currently has over 116,000 views. That is not bad for a mixed gender group from a K-pop entertainment company most people might have not heard of.

ALLS-GIRL keeps releasing pre-debut content to the K-pop community

Reportedly, ALL-S Company wants to make sure enough content is available among the K-pop community so they can establish a fan base.

Four hours after their reveal on their YouTube channel, ALLS-GIRL revealed their “Green Light Project” which would document their road to debut with video diary entries, covers from other K-pop girl groups, and fan interaction.

One request they asked fans would be to help decide their name and concept. Ergo, ALLS-GIRL is most likely just a placeholder until a proper name for them can be chosen.

Just yesterday, October 24, 2018, ALLS-GIRL released their first cover for their Green Light Project, a dance cover of Darling by Girl’s Day.

Seoyoung, Yoocha, Yeonchae, and Yoojin dress in the outfits once donned by Girl’s Day and dance along to the track playing in the background. As for why there were only four members of ALLS-GIRL performing instead of six, they probably wanted to stay within the fact that Girl’s Day is just four members.

As time goes by, ALLS-GIRL will only build momentum and develop a much bigger following. For those interested in keeping up with them, they have social media accounts on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

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